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The Missouri Folklore Society was organized December 15, 1906, "to encourage the collection, preservation and study of folklore in the widest sense, including customs, institutions, beliefs, signs, legends, language, literature, musical arts, and folk arts and crafts of all ethnic groups throughout the State of Missouri."

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Sure, and the day is upon us!


Kent Beaulne dit Bone, of the Old Mines district, has shared a 1956 recording of a traditional song in celebration of La Guillonee, the Pawpaw French New Year's observance. Side A has the song, side B the (English) narration.

Kent has also shared some notes and historic photos on the tiff miners of the area.

 The 2015 Ozarks Symposium is focused on "The Lure of the Ozarks." Deadline for proposals is April 30.



MFS' Howard Marshall writing in the Old Time Herald on "Rhonda Vincent and Missouri’s Old-Time and Bluegrass Crossroads"

Pyles, Lida. It Happened in the Ozarks. Dylan Pyles, grandson of this Missouri folklorist, has generously agreed to make this rare book available online via the Missouri Folklore Society.

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Now accepting submissions for Missouri Folklore Studies, an online archive of occasional papers on the traditions of Missouri and its residents.

Students -- apply for the Dolf and Becky Schroeder prize in folklore!


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