The Dobbs Family cabin, near Alton MO

We recently heard from Jo Dunn, [blue57bird at gmail dot com] who shared memories of her family's cabin and barn, 1943-53:

My life started in 1943 in this Log Cabin, 6 miles or so from Alton, Mo. off highway #19 down a county dirt road #HH, and 1 ½ miles to another small road to the property. My parents, Kirby & Iva Dobbs, purchased the home sometime before I was born (Springfield, MO) The deed below is from when my parents sold the property, 241 acres, in 1972.


I  also send the deed from when my parents purchased the property, in the 1940s. The property was also know as the 'old John Blain place.'


I can remember when I very young, watching my parents work long days in the fields raising crops and livestock, my Mom and her ‘truck patch’ one large garden in today’s world.  Mom cooked on a wood burning stove, and in our two-room cabin a large wood burning stove heated the house.  We did not have electricity or running water.  I can remember my Mom making her own soap, and canning all her vegetables from the garden.  Dad planted crops, wheat, corn, alfalfa, and fields of strawberries and apples. We did not have a tractor, we had a team of horses, and they were our transportation by wagon for our weekly trip to Alton for staples.  Dad also trapped for animal pelts to sell or trade.  Dad also had a small sawmill, in those days you had to be multitalented. We also raised cows for milk, chickens, cattle, and hogs for our food.  Dad was also a hunter; we had fresh meat, chicken, wild game and fish and fresh water from our well it was cool and great tasting.  A few years later, we were able to have electrical service installed, so then we had a refrigerator –for ice cream! Mom got a washing machine. Lights in the cabin, until this point we used coal oil lamps and wood stoves.  I had a great life, had my own horse, lots of dogs and cats. Dad also raised blue tick hounds to sell. Dad took us by horseback so I could catch the bus to school, when I was older I was able to walk, about a mile or so to the main road (county dirt road, #HH) to attend Alton school. I was taught at an early age to be careful, be aware of snakes and other wild animals.  In 1953 after a drought season, and were not able to raise crops, we decided to move to CA.  Returning a few times to see relatives and take a few photos of the old home, am so glad I was able to live this experience in my life.






The school I attended was Alton, two story Bldg with 1st through high school. I left during my 6th grade class and moved to California. [There are no interior pictures of the building, because] my mother would never let anyone take photos of the cabin where we lived,

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