Black Missouri and Its Material Culture

 Brett Rogers

On April 22, 2021, past and future Missouri Folklore Society President Brett Rogers (Columbia College) presented in Truman's Folklore Colloquium series.

A historian who has studied and documented the Freedmen’s communities that sprung up after Emancipation and were largely abandoned after the Great Migration, Rogers will share and discuss Africanisms like the Congolese cosmograms discovered beneath the peeling wallpaper of Mr. Moriah church, burial practices preserved beyond the Middle Passage, the slave quarters extant in Little Dixie, and the remaining physical legacy of Jim Crow education, including Kirksville’s Lincoln School.


Introduction (5:23) overview

Part 2: (21:38) slave quarters and freedpeople’s settlements

Part 3: (20:38) African American schools & churches

Part 4: (27:08 min) Africanisms: shotgun houses and funerary decoration


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