Folk, utilitarian and vernacular architecture of Missouri


        Covered bridges in Missouri, from Dale J. Travis

authentic log cabins of Missouri


After multiple requests, we're starting a page on Missouri outhouses.

Fr. Phil Hoebing's article on the churches of Brother Adrian Wewer

An AP feature on MFS' Brett Rogers and his excavation of slave quarters on a plantation near Arrow Rock 

African Missouri : an online resource for lore and history of African Americans in Missouri--
including PRESERVATION ISSUES -- a rich source on vernacular architecture, including shotgun houses and slave dwellings

Howard Wight Marshall's  Vernacular Architecture in Rural and Small Town Missouri: An Introduction
    is now available in this online edition, the only resource of its kind on the web...the page is graphics-rich, and loads slowly, but it's well worth the wait!


MFS' Jim Hickam has sent photos of the Abram Byrd house (1827) located on his family farm near Jackson

A gallery of Missouri barns photographed by Dr. David Gillette, of Truman State University

A commerical photographer's collection of Missouri barns

Yet more Missouri barns

 Round barns in Missouri, from Dale J. Travis

 The Rotunda, a round barn in Hermann

 Two "bank barns" at the Cedarcroft B&B (Warrensburg) built by John A. Adams


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