Delta Symposium XXIV:  Discovering the Region’s Voices

Call for Papers


The Department of English, Philosophy, and World Languages at Arkansas State University opens a call for papers and presentations for the twenty-fourth annual Delta Symposium April 11-14, 2018.  The Delta Symposium features scholarship on a wide variety of expressive forms that are resonant with Delta history and culture. Individual and panel presentations on topics relevant to the history and culture of the Arkansas and Mississippi Deltas are welcome.


Special consideration will be given to proposals that specifically address this year's theme of “Discovering the Region’s Voices.” Participants are invited to consider what it means to encounter voices from people in contemporary communities as well as throughout the region’s history. The symposium will not only explore what it means to give voice to people but also how voices are silenced and ignored. Accordingly, the idea of voice is both metaphorical as well as literal. In this respect, we will explore the written and verbal creativity of a range of people as well as other ways of expression, with special emphasis on music and art. In this respect, the symposium will be both celebratory and critical as we welcome proposals that explore challenges inherent in the trope of giving voice.


The Delta Symposium presents work from multidisciplinary approaches including literary criticism, cultural studies, history, anthropology, folklore, ethnomusicology, sociology, speech communication, and heritage studies.  Although proposals that have direct connections to Arkansas and the Delta are especially welcome, more general proposals that also address the theme and southern history and culture will be considered. The Delta Symposium features research in the humanities and social sciences.  The 2018 event will conclude on Saturday with the Arkansas Roots Music Festival through continued support from KASU FM 91.9.


The deadline for entries is December 15, 2017. Each entry should consist of the following:


Presenter’s name and affiliation and a 150-word abstract of the presentation as well as a current Vita (2 pages max).  Please include your address, phone number, e-mail address, and the technical needs for your presentation


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