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Sites the webmaster commends as especially worthy of a Missouri folklorist’s attention:

Documentation of wrought-iron cemetery crosses by Kent Beaulne of the Old Mines district.

Two Alaskan folktales collected in the field by John Smelcer, one of the last living speakers of Ahtna (and author of its dictionary)

A truly comprehensive, and well-informed, page on carny lingo

Let MFS' Howard Marshall tell you about the Missouri Waltz

Remember the WABAC Machine? Here's Cathy and Dave at the Rockford Traditional Music Festival -- in 1982.

Listen here to the voices of people born into slavery (written texts also available).

A good page on gravestone symbolism

An excellent resource on Cajun and Zydeco music with an assortment of in-depth/informative links

A gallery of Missouri barns photographed by Dr. David Gillette, of Truman State University

Hobo signs and signals – how gentlemen of the road communicate about prospects for handouts, chances for work, and mean dogs

There’s considerable dispute as to what the “rebel yell” actually sounded like. Here’s a .wav file from a reunion of Gettysburg veterans:


A rare recording of the “rebel yell” performed by a 90-year old Tar Heel veteran in 1935

This is history rather than folklore, but have you ever wondered what the voice of Teddy Roosevelt sounded like? Or William McKinley? Or even Benjamin Harrison? Find out at Michigan State’s Vincent Voice Library: http://archive.lib.msu.edu/VVL/vincent/presidents/index.htm


A bit of internet lore: “Missouri Explained”

A special message for folklorists doing online research


Eyecandy for Missouriana enthusiasts

Ozark Mountain imagery for your computer



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