From House Bill #630:
"The fiddle is selected for and shall be known as the official instrument of the State of Missouri."
                                                                       July 17, 1987
(image courtesy Gordon McCann)

Great historical resources on Missouri Fiddling

The fiddle events calendar is provided by Wyatt’s Fiddle Shop, L.C.

Winners of the 2008 Missouri State Fiddling Championship, August 17, 2008, Sedalia, Missouri

The Taylor McBaine Memorial Fiddle Contest at the Fall Heritage Festival, Nifong Park, Columbia, Missouri

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Missouri fiddle and folk-music links:

(pictured: Fred Stoneking, of the Henry County Stonekings)


Lonnie Robertson.


Rusty Marshall, MFS member
(the fiddle pictured belonged to Pa Ingalls, of the "Little House" stories; it was made in Germany about 1850)

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