Great news!  Tell your friends (feel free to pass this on to anyone who might be interested)!  New sessions of harmony singing classes are now forming.   Please see below for more information.  I am more than happy to talk to you and answer any questions you might have (573)-256-6292)!

All levels are welcome at both classes.  It is all about finding the joy and the power in singing (in your own voice, and in the sound created by the group).  Please register by e-mail or phone, and I will send you directions and other pertinent information.

This is a continuation of the beginning harmony singing class that recently ended.  We learned the melodies and harmonies to songs of varying styles, and, by singing, gained a greater understanding of how voices in harmony interact.  We did some work with how notes and chords work together, and how to find a harmony.  Mostly we sang, laughed, and had a great deal of fun!  This is an extremely welcoming group of people, some of whom will not be able to attend this continuation of the class.  The group enthusiastically voted to invite anyone who is interested to join us on Monday nights!  There is no prerequisite except that you want to sing.  Please feel free to talk to me if you are unsure whether to join the Monday or the Wednesday class.  The main difference is that we may be doing a bit more work in smaller groups, and I may possibly choose more challenging material.

Using songs from many styles of music (including rounds, traditional American, South African, contemporary folk, and beyond), we will discover the power of voices raised in harmony. Through large and small group singing, we will practice the fundamentals of two-, three-, and four-part harmony using by-ear techniques. Explore the exciting possibilities inherent in the joining of voices!

I am also still accepting new old time banjo students.  Thank you, and I look forward to singing with you!

Private old time banjo lessons with Leela Grace!
All levels and abilities welcome
By-ear techniques, rhythm, melody, chords . . .
Individualized instruction
First lesson free!

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