Missouri Folklore Society Journal


Volume 1, 1979, 54 pp:

Douglas Wixson, "The Oral Tradition of Fiddle Music in the Early Days of
Radio: Uncle Jim Haley of Pulaski County"

Cathy Barton, "Max Hunter: Ozark Song Collector"

Michael Patrick, "The Razorback as a Legendary Creature in the Novels of
Mitchell Jayne and Donald Harington"

William M. Clements, "The Folklorist, the Folk, and the Region"

Volume 2, 1980, 76 pp:

William K. McNeil, "Mary Alicia Owen, Collector of Afro-American and Indian
Lore in Missouri"

Rosemary Hyde Thomas, "Traditional Types of Nicknames in a Missouri French
Creole Community"

James M. Shirky, "A Missouri Dunkard Community"

Robert G. Brady, "German-American Folklore in Missouri: John G. Eberhard's
Deutsch Amerikanische Volkserzählungen"

Rebecca B. Schroeder, review of Vance Randolph, Ozark Folksongs;

Record review

Volume 3, 1981,79 pp:

James L. Evans, "Frog Jumping Contests"

Charles R. Mink, "The Ozark Hillbilly: A Vanishing American"

Michael Patrick, "Traditional Ozark Entertainment"

John W. Roberts, "Jim the Wonder Dog"

book review, record review

Volume 4, 1982, Special Issue, Dedicated to Vance Randolph, 124 pp:

Donald M. Lance, "Max Hunter Remembers Vance and Mary"

Gordon McCann, "What Do You Know about Horseheads and Crow Poison?"

Douglas Mahnkey, "Vance Randolph: An Appreciation"

Michael Luster, "Vance Randolph: A Chronology"

Rebecca B. Schroeder, "Unprintable Songs from the Ozarks: Forgotten

Lyn A. Wolz, "Anglo-American Music in Missouri: An Annotated Bibliography"

Library of Congress, "Missouri Field Recordings in the Archive of Folk

book review, record reviews

Volume 5, 1983, 60 pp:

Carol Pinney Crabb, "The Evolution of Quilt Shows at Nineteenth Century
Missouri Fairs"

Sample Quilt Blocks

Bettina Baker Havig, "A Dominion of Quiet: The Amish Quiltmaker¹s World"

Lynn Morrow, "The Yocum Silver Dollar"

Michael Patrick, "Fil Hancock of Rolla"

book and record reviews

Volume 6, 1984, 100 pp:

John R. David, "Frankie and Johnnie: The Trial of Frankie Baker"

Ralph Gregory, "Wine-Making in the Duden Settlement: History and Customs"

Elaine J. Lawless, "Traditional Women Preachers in Mid-Missouri"

Douglas Wixson, "Jack Conroy and Industrial Folklore"

record review, book reviews

Lyn Wolz, Index Volumes I-V

Volume 7, 1985, 84 pp:

Donald M. Lance, "The Origin and Pronunciation of ŒMissouri¹"

Donald Love, "Bushwhacking Stories in Ozark Oral Tradition"

Ellen Gray Massey, "Preserving the Past: The Bittersweet Experience"

Suzanne Chamier, "ŒScrapping¹ Tiff and Tales: Storytelling in La Vieille
Mine, Missouri";

book reviews

Volume 8-9, 1986-1987, Special Double Issue, Dedicated to Missouri
Collectors, 244 pp:

Susan L. Pentlin and Rebecca B. Schroeder, "H. M. Belden, The English Club,
and The Missouri Folklore Society"

Susan L. Pentlin, "Maude Williams Martin: Early Ballad Collector in

Mary Elizabeth Allcorn, "Mary Alicia Owen: Missouri Folklorist"

John R. Hensley, "Things and the Folk: Vance Randolph and Material Culture"

Judy Prozzillo Byers, "Ruth Ann Musick ? The Show-Me Mountaineer: A
Missourian Adopts West Virginia"

Jane Grosby, "The First National Folk Festival"

Rebecca B. Schroeder and Donald M. Lance, "John L. Handcox: ŒThe
Sharecropper Troubador¹";

W. K. McNeil, "ŒThe Iron Mountain Baby¹: A Song and Its History"

Rebecca B. Schroeder, "Versions of ŒThe Iron Mountain Baby¹ in the Loman
Cansler and Max Hunter Collections"

C. Ray Brassieur, "Washington County Versions of ŒThe Iron Mountain Baby¹"

Rosemary Hyde Thomas, "Getting People Involved: A Case Study of Community
Involvement in the Old Mines French Project"

Norma Ortiz-Karp, "Folksong Materials in the University of Arkansas Library"

Laura Bullion, "Folk Research Collections at the University of Missouri in

Lyn A. Wolz, "Folk Music in Missouri: A Selected Annotated Bibliography"

book and record reviews

Volume 10, 1988, Special Issue, Traditional Uses of Native Plants in
Missouri, 116 pp
Guest Editor, Rosemary Hyde Thomas

Patricia P. Timberlake, "George Engelmann, 1809-1884: Early Missouri

Kathy Love, "Julian Steyermark, 1909?1988"

Leonard Blake, "Food Plants of the Historic Osage Indians"; Ginny Wallace,
"Living Close to the Land: How the Osage Indians Used Native Plants"

Steven Foster and Yue Chongxi, "Disjunct Occurrence and Folk Uses of
Medicinal Plants in the Ozarks and in China"

Mike Gruendler, Sharon Matlock, and Carole Mushkin, "Medicinal Plants"

Ella Roberson, "Sassafras: A Useful Plant"

Bill Summers, "Wild Spring Greens"

Mary Parrott, "A German Rural Community¹s Use of Edible Greens"

Elaine Andree, "Wild Edibles of the St. John¹s Region"

Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser, "Missouri Plants and Their Historic Uses in
Natural Dyeing"

Rosemary Hyde Thomas, "Suitcase Science Kit on Missouri Ethnobotany"

book reviews

Volumes 11-12. 1989-1990, Double Issue, Commemorating Missouri University
Sesquicentennial, 264 pp:

Rosemary Gabbert Musil, "My Papa Said: R. O. T. C. at Early Missouri

Rosemary Gabbert Musil, "The White Pillars"

Barry Kirk, "The Brookshire House: Development of a Young Legend"

Joel Bartow, "That Ain¹t No Way to Kill a Werewolf: The Modernization of an
Old Legend"

Carol P. Crabb, "Steamin¹ up the Missouri River"

Charles van Ravenswaay, "New Homes in the West as Described in the Letters
of Two German-Americans"

Susan Lee Pentlin, "German in the Warrensburg Schools, 1871-1875: A
Short-Lived Attempt at Cultural Preservation"

Gary Kremer & Lynn Morrow, "Pennytown: A Freedman's Hamlet, 1871-1945"

Leslie Konnyu, "Hungarians in Missouri: Preserving Old Traditions"

Peter Hilty, "Farm Metaphor, A Eulogy"

Michael Patrick, "Ward Dorrance: In the Shadow of Vance Randolph?"

Kathy Love, "The World of Townsend Godsey"

Rachel Vukas, "Joan O¹Bryant"

Jim Krause, "The Joan O¹Bryant Folksong Collection"

Randy E. Roberts, "The Peter Tamony Collection"

Charles Mink & Becky Schroeder, "An Urban Legend in Mid-Missouri"

William M. Clements, "The Flowering of Religious Folklife Studies"

Elaine J. Lawless, "Diversities of Books on Religious Folklore and Folklife"

Donald M. Lance, "Appalachian and Ozark Dialect"

Ellen Gray Massey, "The Glow of Foxfire"

Clyde Wade, "Humor, 1830-1861"

James N. Wise, "The Oral Tradition"

Robbie Lieberman, "The Big Question: For Money or for the Folk"

book and video reviews;

Lyn Wolz, Index to Volumes I-X

Volumes 13-14, 1991-1992, Special Issue: Fiddling in Missouri, 198 pp
Guest Editor: Elaine J. Lawless

Richard Blaustein, "Jake and Lena Hughes: Grassroots Promoters of the
Old-Time Fiddling Revival in Missouri and the Great Plains Region"

C. Thomas Cairney, "ŒThat Devil Fiddle¹: Scotch-Irish Folk Religion and
Ethnic Boundary Maintenance in Southern Missouri"

Loman Cansler, "The Fiddle and Religion"

Timothy J. Cooley, "When a Tune Becomes a Folk Tune: Fiddling in Southern

Linda L. Danielson, "Oregon Fiddling: The Missouri Connection"

Howard W. Marshall, "ŒMarmaduke¹s Hornpipe¹: Speculations on the Life and
Times of a Historic Missouri Fiddle Tune"

Amy E. Skillman, "ŒShe Oughta Been a Lady¹: Women Old-Time Fiddlers in

Julie Youmans, "Warming the Cold Notes: Style and Boundaries in Old-Time

In Memoriam: Rebecca B. Schroeder, "Missouri Folk Song Collector: Loman D.
Cansler (1924-1992)"

Rebecca B. Schroeder, "The Dean of Missouri Fiddle Music: Remembering R P.
Christeson (1911-1992)"

Howard W. Marshall, "Skilled Fiddler and Local Historian: Thomas Arthur
Galbraith (1909-1993)"

Volumes 15-16. 1993-1994, Double Issue, History and Legend in Missouri,
210 pp

Dick Steward, "Western Myth: History Versus the Legends and Lore of John
Smith T"

Dick Steward, "The Little Yankee: The Duelist as Folk Hero"

Jim Vandergriff, "The Legend of Joe¹s Cave: Murder, Medicine,
Counterfeiting, and Vigilantism in Early Camden County

Phil Hoebing, "ŒFr. Gus¹: The Slave Priest from Ralls County, Missouri"

Susan Pentlin, "John A. Gallaher and Coal Mining at Montserrat, Missouri:
History and Legend"

Lynn Morrow, "ŒI Am Nothing but a Poor Scribbler¹: Silas Turnbo and His

Phil Hoebing, "Snake Lore in Mark Twain Country"

Jan Harold Brunvand, "Was It a Stunned Deer or Just a Deer Stunt? (The Story
behind a Missouri Legend)"

John Morgan, "Cockfighting: A Rural American Tradition"

Daniel M. Schores, "The Use of Riddles in the Ozarks and Other Mountain

C. Ray Brassieur, "Art and Heritage in Southeast Missouri: The Bootheel

Sw. Anand Prahlad (Dennis Folly), "Collecting in the Bootheel: An Overview
of Student Participation"

Jerome Stueart, "The Bootheel Project: An Artist¹s Picture"

book and video reviews

Volume 17, 1995, Special Issue, Music and Song, 196 pp:

Karen J. Sanders, "Making the Babes Our Own: A Search for a Song"

Dana Everts-Boehm, "ŒOh, Don¹t You Remember¹: A Family Portrait of ŒBabes in
the Woods¹"

Mary Ann Fitzwilson, "With Hammers of Their Own Design: Scholarly Treatment
of the John Henry Tradition"

Jill Davidson, "The Meeks Family Murder"; Rose Johnson, "Music in the Park:
Hannibal Builds a New Bandstand"

book and video reviews

Index to Volumes 11-16

Volumes 18-19, 1996-1997, Special Issue, Collectors of Missouri Music and
Lore, Part I, 200 pages:

James Denny, "The Manitou Bluffs on the Missouri River"

Allen Walker Read, "The Onomastic Background of John Hay¹s ŒPike County

Mary Alicia Owen, "The Significance of Folk-Lore" (1916)

Alison K. Brown, "Beads, Belts and Bands: The Mesquakie Collection of Mary
Alicia Owen"

Henry Marvin Belden, "Autobiographical Notes"

Henry Marvin Belden, "The Study of Folk-Song in America" (1904)

Henry Marvin Belden, "The Ballad of Lord Bakeman" (1904)

Donald R. Holliday, "Songs for Calloused Souls: or ŒIt Ain¹t Hard to Sing
The Blues, Cause Murder and Maiming Every Day Ain¹t Good News¹"

C. Ray Brassieur, "Joseph Médard Carrière (1902-1970): Collector of Missouri
French Folklore"

Robert L. Ramsay, "Folkways in Missouri Place Names"

Allen Walker Read, "Tribute to Professor Robert L. Ramsay"

Joseph P. Ramsay, "A Brief Biography of Professor Robert L. Ramsay"

Detailed bibliographies of Belden, Carrière, and Ramsay

book reviews

Volume 20, 1998, Special Issue, Collectors of Missouri Music and Lore, Part
II, 190 pp:

R. P. Christeson, "Old-Time Fiddling in Missouri: A Workshop"

Donald M. Lance, ed., "Reminiscences of R. P. Christeson"

R. P. Christeson, "A Tribute to William A. (Bill) Driver"

A Chronology of Robert Perry Christeson

Timothy Bond, "P.S., Make Sure You Bring Your Fiddle: The Ancestry, Life,
and Legacy of Herk Sanders"

Donald M. Lance, ed., "Chroniclers of an Era: Loman Cansler and Max Hunter,
Collectors of Traditional Music, Song, and Lore"

A Chronology of Loman Doyle Cansler

Loman D. Cansler, "Liner Notes, Folksongs of Missouri"

A Chronology of Max Franklin Hunter

Mary Celestia Parler and Vance Randolph, "Max Hunter"

Mary Celestia Parler, "Two Yarrow Ballads from the Ozarks"

Judy Domeny, "Terrible Songs--Missouri Tragedies in Music"

Sean Killeen, "Going to Kansas City Š and to Springfield"

Ann W. Pittman, "Echoes from de Ole Camp Ground"

Rosemary Hyde Thomas, "Ann Washington Pittman: A Tribute for her Ninetieth

Knox McCrory, "Notes on the Harmonica: Toy or Musical Instrument?"

book and record reviews

Volume 21, 1999, 172 pp:

C. Ray Brassieur, "Thereby Hangs a Tale. An Old French Story Survives in
Brittany and Missouri: An Unexpected Rendezvous"

Linda Walker Stevens, "The Story of Wine at Hermann"

Erin McCawley Renn, "Edward Kemper's World: An Essay on The Architecture and
Cultural Landscape of a Nineteenth Century German American Community"

A E. Schroeder, "An Interview with Anna Kemper Hesse"

Phil Hoebing, "Legends of Lover's Leaps"

Cathy M. Jackson, "Jesse James: His Legend Has Never Done Him Wrong"

Donald M. Lance, "'Seed Tick School' and Beyond: Oral Histories and Stories
Collected by Roy Edwin Thomas"

W. K. McNeil, "In Memory of Harlan Daniel, Collector"

Inez E. Lawson, "Memories"

book and audio reviews

Volume 22 (2000), Special Issue: Material Culture, 156 pp
Issue Editor: Howard W. Marshall

Charles A. Stewart, "The Nail Trade in Missouri: Archaeological Evidence at
the Hickman House"

Becky L. Snider, "The Round Barn Form: Functionality, Spiritualism, or

Toni Prawl and Stacy Sone, "The Ralph Richterkessing Farm: An Expression of
German-American Culture in Rural Missouri"

E. D. McKinney, "Uncle Johnnie Maighin: Manx Builder in the Ozarks"

Christina Carl, "The Hughes Homestead: A Depression-Era Log House"

Tara Christopher Crane, "Scottish Folk Costume in Ethnic Identity"

Lisa Higgins, ³'Everyone Has a Bit of It and No One Has It All'²: Missouri¹s
Traditional Arts"

book reviews

Missouri Folklore Society Journal, Volume 23, 2001.  Special Issue: Material Culture.  200 pp. $10.00

Carrie J. Watson  "A Remnant of the Booneslick Trail" 16 pp.

Debbie Sheals, "Cultural Assimilation  and Architecture: German Building Traditions in Washington, Missouri" 24 pp

Anne Powell, "A Glimpse into the History of Bonne Terre, Missouri, through Its Cemetery" 14 pp

Brett Rogers, "The World the Caves Made: A Missouri Slave Community in Freedom"  34 pp

Janet Blohm Pultz  "Made of Clay: The Economic and Social Structure of Pottery Production in Missouri" 18 pp

Laurel E. Wilson, "The Cornett Family Textiles: Function to Fashion" 22 pp

Katherine Wiehagen, "Early Twentieth Century Metal Truss Highway Bridges in Boone County,  Missouri" 18 pp
Howard Wight Marshall, "Notes on Missouri Pottery" 20 pp

The First Chouteaus: River Barons of Early St. Louis. By William E.  Foley and C. David Rice. University of Missouri Press, 2000. Reviewed by Gordon T. Johnston.

Frontier Swashbuckler: The Life and Legend of John Smith T.   By Dick Steward. University of Missouri Press, 2000. Reviewed by Donald M. Lance.

Doniphan’s Epic March: The 1st Missouri Volunteers in the Mexican War.  By Joseph G. Dawson. University Press of Kansas, 1999.  Reviewed by David A. Allred.

The Freedmen’s Bureau and Black Texans. By Barry A. Crouch.  University of Texas Press, 1999. Reviewed by Sue Attalla

A Sweet, Separate Intimacy: Women Writers of the American Frontier.  Edited by Susan Cummins Miller. University of Utah Press, 2000. Reviewed by Donna Jurich

Red Blood and Black Ink: Journalism in the Old West.  By David Dary. University Press of Kansas, 1999. Reviewed by W. K. McNeil

Go Gator and Muddy the Water: Writings. By Hurston, Zora Neale. W. W. Norton, 1999. Reviewed by Sue Attalla

Becoming Laura Ingalls Wilder: The Woman Behind the Legend. By John E. Miller. University of Missouri Press, 1998. Reviewed by David Bowen

Baseball, Barns, and Bluegrass: A Geography of American Folklife.   Edited by George O. Carney. Rowman & Littlefield, 1998. Reviewed by Drew Beisswenger

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Myths, Legends, & Folktales of America: An Anthology. By D. Leeming and J. Page. Oxford University Press, 1999. Reviewed by Jim Vandergriff