The Missouri Folklore Society: Ongoing projects


Various of our members are collecting lore and stories. Use the links below to contact the editor, and to contribute. Remember, knowledge that is in only one person's head is an endangered species. Or, as the African proverb has it, "when an old person dies, a library burns down."

        John and Carol Fisher are preparing an issue of MFSJ devoted to food and foodways

A new project: Irvin Rice is collecting items of folk humor, especially traditional practices like the shivaree (charivari) and practical jokes. You can write him at 3507 Mt. Ranier Dr., Louisville, KY  40241 or call (502) 423-0266 (Irvin refuses on principle to use email).

Adam Davis is collecting narratives of great practical jokes: were you the victim, the perp, or you just heard the story?


Outhouses: a form of utilitarian vernacular architecture

Colorful expressions of Missouri and Missourians

Authentic log cabins of Missouri

By request: we’re starting a page on Missouri/Midwestern proverbs…

Lyn Wolz is editing MFSJ volume 26, and preparing the updated, digital version of the Belden collection Folksongs of Missouri. 
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