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Thursday Nov 3

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Missouri Folklore Society Board Meeting

November 3 2011

Ste Genevieve Hotel

Ste Genevieve MO


-Call to order by co-presidents Jan and George Caudle 4pm

-Present: Roger Jungmeyer, Dave Para, Cathy Barton Para, Debra Greene, Carol Fisher, John Fisher, Jim Vandergriff, George McCollum, Linda McCollum, Adam Davis, Donna Jurich, Brett Rogers, Ellen Massey, Judy Domeny Bowen, Liz Faries, Clyde Faries, George Caudle, Jim Caudle, Betty Craker Henderson, Gary Buxton, Elaine Buxton, Jinny Ladd, Irvin Rice, Carol Rice, Nancy Lankford, Rebecca Schroeder, Adolf Schroeder, Sharon Brock 


-Reports: Secretary Davis, no report; Treasurer Para submitted separately. Membership numbers are slightly down, and addressing this situation should remain a priority. Report accepted (moved Vandergriff, seconded Davis).

-Announcements regarding Ste. Genevieve Meeting by co-presidents. Liz Faries provided details about accommodations at Trout Lodge (2013). Discussion of Lindenwood University as a possible venue for 2014.

Plans for Meeting in 2012 and plans for 2013 (Faries, Caudle, Massey)


Publications reports

a)      MFS Journal: Lyn Wolz not present; on her behalf it was reported that the issue is nearing completion. The Fishers are also moving along on their volume

b)      B) Newsletter: Davis reports the shift to digital publication is complete.

c)      C) MFS website: Davis reports normal operations

d)      D) digitized journals: Vandergriff reports all back issues scanned; the laborious process of editing them moves forward.


Committee Reports

a)      Schroeder endowment fund: interest rates remain low; nothing specific to report

b)      B) long term communication group (Wolz, Vandergriff, Rogers, Para, etc) no opportunity to meet as yet.


New Business

a)      MFS honorary awards (Para, Barton-Para, others)

b)      B) MFS brochure

c)      C) nominations for the board

d)      D) other: the position of registrar at meetings should be made official; Sharon Brock has been doing it for some time. Moved Liz Faries, seconded Vandergriff. The membership agreed to the purchase of a data projector for use at meetings (moved Vandergriff, seconded Liz Faries).


Adjourn: moved Vandergriff, seconded Domeny


Respectfully submitted,             Adam Davis



Missouri Folklore Society General Meeting

November 5, 2011

First Baptist Church

Ste Genevieve MO


Call to order


Reports of secretary and treasurer: Davis postponed discussion of developments to the publications” portion of the agenda. Para reported 64 registrants, $617 made at the auction. Thanks as always were extended to Judy Domeny, with able assistance from Irwin Rice. Acceptance moved Vandergriff, seconded Betty Henderson, vote almost unanimous. Everybody except Clyde.


Publications reports


MFS Journal (Wolz, Davis, Fisher): Lynn Wolz’ issue will be vol 28 (2006); the fishers will be 29 (2007) – unless one or both of these are large enough to qualify as double issues. It is important to get current with our publication schedule. The Fishers’ issue will be our last print journal; from there, we become completely digital.


The communication committee had discussed this and recognized that those who have pre-paid their subscriptions have some claim to receive a journal. Life members are a special case. On-demand publishing, at an extra charge, is a possibility for those who really want individual copies. We recognize that people expect to get something for their membership, at least a token, besides the estimable desire to help the society, and we will be exploring the possibility fo membership premiums: imprint merchandize (bumperstickers, t-shirts, coffee mugs, mousepads, keychains) or discounts on meeting registrations or tours. Dave points out that our finances are currently in very good shape, so the decision is not driven by financial need in the short term, though following through on print versions of all outstanding journals would change things.


There was discussion of printing and distributing the brochure, which is now in final form. We can get four thousand for about $1000, and use the mailing list of 230+ local historical, cultural and genealogical associations to mail them out. Moved Betsy Delmonico, seconded Barb PRice


Additional discussion concerned use of Facebook and Twitter, and uploading video to YouTube. Rachel Gholson volunteered to spearhead this effort and to solicit photos and video from members. We would like to be more purposeful in capturing video at next year’s meeting.


It was resolved that we should snailmail the CFP for next year’s mailing.





Committee Reports

Schroeder endowment fund: A student paper was submitted and will be reviewed in the usual way; Betsy Delmonico heads the committee and will report.



New Business

a)      MFS honorary awards: it had been planned to honor Cecil Williams for his many contributions over the years; he was unable to be here this year.

b)      B) MFS brochure: see above

c)      C) nominations for board: Donna Jurich, Jan Caudle, Gary Buxton

d)      D) other: the membership was advised of the incoming co-presidents, Meredith Heist Rau and Annie Fuller. The usual expectation that the membership would roll forward (i.e., the 2008-2011 list becomes 2011-2014, etc). It was observed once again that the only way to get off the board is to join the choir celestial, and even that is not always successful.




Respectfully submitted,


Adam Davis







Notes from meeting of the MFS communications committee

November 6, 2010

Shoney’s (Neosho) 1pm-3pm


Present: Adam Davis (recording), Jim Vandergriff, Barb Price, Brett Rogers, Lyn Wolz, Dave Para, Cathy Barton, Betsy Delmonico, Neal Delmonico


The first order of business was to collect emails for the group; please save the following string: adavis@truman.edu;vanderj42@yahoo.com;brogers@williamwoods.edu;bprice@truman.edu;bdelmoni@truman.edu;ndelmonico@sbcglobal.net;dpara@iland.net;lwolz@ku.edu


The group sees its charge as consisting of two related matters: communications and membership renewal. We see the matter as urgent; our membership is aging, and we can address this by getting our publications in order, and using them (and other means) to reach out to an enlarged constituency – younger, more diverse, with much better representation of Missouri’s urban areas and the traditions of groups whose lore has been underrepresented in the past. The group feels we need to take definite steps on these things that we’ve actually agreed-upon for a good long while. We understand that, at least potentially, some of our decisions and actions require approval by the board and membership, but a great many things can be done on our own initiative. Actions we currently plan to take appear in red.


During the meeting, the group constituted itself the editorial committee, fulfilling the functions outlined in the constitution for the “General editor of publications”


I: Communication

A: journals – we need to get current on the journal; Lyn is on track, as are the Fishers. Jim and Adam are contemplating a double-issue for “the best of MFSJ;” the “Guide to Missouri Folklore” is a bigger project, possibly something for the U-MO Press or TSUP. We resolved that we will establish a peer-review process so that sections of the journal will qualify for academics as juried, and therefore counting towards promotion and tenure. For this purpose, and to communicate about greater involvement for students, we wish to create a caucus of academics in the society. Noted: the society has never been the exclusive property of either scholars or tradition-bearers, and we want to preserve that strength. Jim and Carol Fisher are open to having such review for the submissions of academics in their issue of the journal.


Jim brought forward a “submission policies” document draft, to be included in every issue of MFSJ and posted at the website. Jim and Adam will collaborate via email and send a digital copy to the group for approval. It needs to include some sort of mission statement.


We wish to move to digital publication of the journal, online, as soon as we have fulfilled our obligation to all members who have paid for a print journal (post-meeting suggestion from Adam: shall we announce that MFSJ will become digital with the 2010 volume?) We would need to set up with an on-demand printing outfit, so that we (or anyone else) could order a hard copy at will (and at high unit, but low overall expense)


B: Newsletter: we wish this to become digital as well. Adam wishes to do this with the March issue. However, David points out that periodic mailings keep members connected to the society, remind them to go to the website for information, and prompt them to renew membership. Liberating funds from printing and mailing will allow us to spend some money on nicely illustrated cards to go regular post. The first such mailing can direct them to go to the website for the newsletter. Lyn, can we make the mainpage at the domain Susan set up redirect to the MFS page at Truman (that is, http://missourifolkloresociety.truman.edu/)?


Adam is going to need help gathering material for the newsletter.


C: Website: Adam resolves to do some cleaning up. A little work on file architecture, but mainly applying frames to the front page, so it’s less cluttered, easier to use. Will put in a button for news about members, or to promote events. Maybe by Christmas?


II: Membership

We were very impressed with what Liz and Betty did with publicizing the meeting. We really like the idea of giving local performers a year’s free membership (Adam[s post-meeting suggestion: we need to give these people information packets, and encourage them to engage in the recruitment activities we list below) Some of the advertising is expensive – newspaper ads continue to be high-cost, even as circulation drops, but seem to be useful for meetings, if they’re far enough in advance. Ads need to have at least some information about what people can expect – activities, events. But we need to publicize between meetings. Other options include:


-staffing tables at fairs and other events

-notices on public bulletin boards

-using listservs

-exploiting our member-privileges in other organizations (e.g., AFS)

-contacting allied organizations

-simply working our personal networks

-getting (and training, if necessary) other members, not on this committee, to do the same: visit schools, speak at rotary meetings, etc. (Adam’s post-meeting suggestion: should we have a little training session at the Potosi meeting, or even the March board meeting? We would need to develop information packets)


Speaking of which…we need to build some materials (audio, video) to take around, and to make the brochure available. Donna already sent it; Lyn has an edited version. Brett agrees to ask Lyn Morrow and Gary Kremer to be our liaison-people to the Missouri Historical Society.


We each need to make a list of people and organizations we, individually, can contact -- local historical/genealogical societies, culture organizations, service organizations, and especially, for those of us with academic connections, schools and colleges.


Adam will take St. Louis (folkarts & ethnic societies, Wash U, SLU, UMSL, StLCC, Harris-Stowe). We need coverage for Kansas City, Springfield/Joplin and Columbia. Please identify any area you think you might be able to cover, either geographically or – some other dimension…committee members should develop personal lists, and report to the group, that others might be inspired!


III: Other things we mentioned, or that need mentioning—


We began developing a notebook as a guide for meeting-organizers. That needs to be found and digitized.


We need to develop a number of other committees of the board and membership.


(Adam’s post-meeting suggestion: we need to add Rachel Gholson and LuAnn Roth to this group)


We need to set aside time for committee meetings at the annual event. Also time for development. John Schleppenbach can train people to go into schools. Adam can give a demo talk on folklore in general suitable for historical societies, rotary, libraries, etc.


We need to write articles for our local newspapers, tell people what we do, how to join, make ourselves available. We need to write articles for publications like Missouri Life, Rural Missouri, Detours, the urban papers (what else?)


We talked about getting a list of teachers from the DHE. Can we do that?


I found some back of the envelope notes from the meeting we had last year at that really good place in Boonville with the sweet-potato fries; I think Lyn also e-mailed us her notes, but I can’t find my copy – anybody?:



We can set up – and promote – a session for teachers, grade school and high school.




Board Meeting

November 4, 2010


First Baptist Church





Call to order


Secretary (Barton)

Treasurer (Para) Announcements for the Neosho meeting

Plans for 2011 Potosi meeting (Faries, Caudle, Massey);

Plans for 2012

Publication reports

MFS Journal (Wolz, Davis, Fisher)


Website (Davis)

Digitized journals (Vandergriff)

Other projects?

Committee reports

Schroeder endowment fund

Long term communications board (Wolz, Vandergriff, Rogers, Para)

MFS Honorary Awards (Para, Barton-Para)

MFS brochure

Nominations for new secretary and treasurer

Nomination for new newsletter editor

Nominations for board





Meeting came to order at 4:28, Liz Faries and Betty Craker Henderson presiding.


Cathy Barton distributed a signup sheet and minutes from last winter’s meeting, noting that attendance was hindered by foul weather. Present: Susan Pentlin, Sharon Brock, Ellen Massey, Peter Nichols, Geri Thaemlitz, Ralph Thaemlitz, Julie Henigan, Lyn Wolz, Clyde Faries, George Caudle, Jim Caudle, Judy Domeny Bowen, Lynn Morrow, Carol Fisher, Jim Fisher, Linda McColum, George McCollum, Don Carlson, Mim Carlson, Barbara Smith, Scott White, Homer McCollum, Mary McCollum, Adam Davis, Jim Vandergriff, Cathy Barton, Dave Para, Liz Faries, Betty Henderson (numerous other people were sighted but did not sign the sheet!)


Minutes were approved on motion by Sharon Brock, seconded by Barb Price.


Treasurer (Para)


Report is preliminary, but revenues from dues are down. It is not clear if this because of members in arrears. The newsletter seems to be a prompt for people to renew. We haven’t had journal expenses of late.


New regulations for bulk mailing make out-of-date addresses extremely expensive; the post office returns the bouncebacks to us with hefty charges. We need to get our mailing lists up to date. Additionally, we need to consider whether it makes sense to shift to digital publication. The publication committee will meet on this.


We seem to have dodged a bullet in respect to our duty to file tax returns. It’s a messy and complex business; Dave needs to do some creative accounting to deal with memberships several years in arrears and then renewed and treated as current (becase we owe them issues of the journal for which they have paid, but which we have not yet published).


The group expressed its appreciation for Dave’s long hard work, and promised to visit him in jail. Moved adoption (Ellen Grey Massey ) Jim Vandergriff seconded.


Announcements for the Neosho meeting: Liz performed an original ode on the misfortunes endured by so many of us over the past year. Betty reported on the tour to the George Washington Carver home and Newtonia. Liz reported on contents of packets (program, guide, meal tickets, etc).


We have had good support with publicity. We will be formally welcomed by the owner of the local paper. This evening will conclude with storytelling and music. The rest will unfold according to the program.


Liz pointed out that the church is giving us a break on rental, letting us in for the old, much cheaper fee-structure; the janitor too must be paid. A $10/person donation was mentioned.


Plans for 2011, 2012 Potosi meeting at Trout Lodge (Faries, George and Jim Caudle, Massey): A wine tasting is possible; so is dinner theater/mystery. There is concern that having a meeting pretty far from the center of the state runs against our plans for rebuilding membership. However, we didn’t have any counterproposals to the generous offer of the Caudles. Liz called for a vote confirming Trout Lodge (a recommendation for the business meeting), at the same time recognizing we need to make a more centrally located meeting happen.


Publication reports

MFS Journal: Wolz: the 27th vol (2005) will be done and go to Jim at the end of the winter break The food volume is in preparation by John and Carol Fisher. They need articles. They prefer that you send material on CD , but will accept hardcopy, or email (information included in the newsletter).


Newsletter: Donna is stepping back after much hard work, for which the board loudly expressed its appreciation. Adam is ready to take over, with help from Cathy.


Website: Davis talked about using it for the journal and newsletter, exploiting capacity for audio and video. Emphasized the fact that going to digital delivery is unavoidable; we need however to identify and then figure out how best to serve our members who do not have web access.  


Digitized journals (Vandergriff): 1st 12 are done. Adam and Jim will use these to build the two volumes we’re doing.


Other projects: Barb Price talked about 1) collaboration with state historical society’s digitization project involving privately held memorabilia 2) events and activities marking the sesquicentennial of the Civil War (for instance working with the Springfield Public Library)


Committee reports

Schroeder endowment fund: $62 in interest this year – low interest rates.

Long term communications board (Wolz, Vandergriff, Rogers, Para) needs to meet

MFS Honorary Awards (Para, Barton-Para) to be discussed at the board meeting; Liz recognized Betsy’s sustenance of this initiative.

MFS brochure: we need to check with Donna

Nominations for new secretary and treasurer: Adam elected secretary, appreciation for Cathy’s long service expressed. Dave to be retained, but he doesn’t want to do it forever…


(meeting suspended for food)


Nomination for new newsletter editor: Adam; Cathy and Becky will be contributing as well

Nominations for board: current list was distributed; the 2007-2010 group rolled over for terms ending 2013. George & Jim Caudle (moved Jim V, second Cathy Barton) elected co-chairs of next year’s meeting.


Adjourn: moved Carol Fisher, 2nd Jim Vandergriff 6:36



General Meeting Saturday Nov 6, called to order 11:15 by Liz Faries


Announcements about senior members unable to be with us: Ruth Williams, Gladys Coggswell, Claude Barton, Becky and Dolph Schroeder

Resolution to make up the donation for the church to the sum of $400 (we now have $199).

Treasurer: no additions; expenses for this meeting not yet final.


$1073 from the auction; gratitude to our auctioneer – Judy Domeny – and to Irwin Rice for his help.


Dolph and Becky Schroeder scholarship: (Betsy Delmonico) two fine papers from Scott White and Holly Fling. Difficult decision, judge …winner is Holly Fling on the Bethel Community’s Christmas traditions.


Educators need to encourage more students to submit. Appreciation for Betty Henderson’s success in bringing out local participation and publicity. Liz has done enormous organizational work. Thanks as well to George and Jan Caudle for their sustaining labor.


Thanks to Cathy Barton for her years of work as secretary.


Members encouraged to send news to Adam; will create a button at the website.


Barb Price suggests one year membership to local presenters and performers – Nathan and his father, the Smiths, the Hawthorne group of young fiddlers….this is connected with our shift to digital communication. Second Betsy Delmonico. Passed.


Communication board to meet after the business meeting. 


Liz would like time set aside at future meetings for committee meetings.


2007-10 board membership rolled over to 2010-2013. Moved  Judy Domeny seconded Lyn Wolz  passed


Progress on journals.


Schroeder endowment suffering from low interest rates.


Appreciation for Sam Griffin’s hard work once again.


Jan and George Caudle to preside over the Trout Lodge meeting, with much help.

Moved by Betty, seconded Clyde. Passed.


New business:


Don Carlson proposed making “How Could I Not Love Home” by Irwin Rice our official song.  Seconded: Mim.  Passed


Setting a date for the winter board meeting; secretary will send out notice to all board members. Will hold it in Saturday March 5th, probably at the Lenoir in Columbia. 12th as a snowday, and start at 10:30


Newsletter April and September.


Liz closed with a poem as the gavel was passed to George and Jan Caudle.


Motion to adjourn motion to adjourn Betty second Cathy 12:23


Respectfully submitted, Adam Davis






November 1, 2006

Stotler Lounge, Memorial Union

University of Missouri



Members present:  Elaine Lawless, Cathy Barton-Para, Dave Para, Roger L. Jungmeyer, Jim Vandergriff, Gladys Coggswell, Gene Edson, George McCollum, Linda McCollum, Donald King, Judith King, Carolyn Bening, Debra F. Greene, Sharon Brock, Susan Pentlin, Carol Fisher, John Fisher, Jim Hickam, Cathy Love, Cecil Williams, Sam Griffin, George Caudle, Jeanelle Ash,  Nelda McCrory, Knox McCrory, Brett Rogers, Phil Hoebing, Adolf Schroeder, Becky Schroeder, Adam Davis, Norma Edson, Donna Jurich.



  1. Meeting called to order at 4:30 p.m.
  2. The minutes of the March 4, 2006 board meeting was read and approved.
  3. The Treasurer’s report was distributed and discussed.  Dave Para commented that membership money was up this year, and that our interest income was greater this year because we got better results from the Super Saver CD. Jim Vandergriff asked for a check and explanation of the figures for the membership total. The board approved the report.
  4.  President Elaine Lawless welcomed the MFS board to its annual meeting at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  She asked that members be present in Stotler Lounge by 8 in the morning on Thursday, as Chancellor Brady Deaton planned to officially welcome the society to the campus at that time.  She told us that Bill Clements would not be able to attend the meeting due to illness and that Clyde and Liz Faries would not be attending because Clyde suffered a stroke. She mentioned that an attractive commemorative poster for the MFS Centennial was made and would be for sale during the meeting. A framed copy of this poster was given to Adolf and Becky Schroeder.  
  5. Roger Jungmeyer discussed plans for the 2007 meeting in Jefferson City.  He said he hoped to have the meeting on the first weekend of November, with most activities taking place at the Truman Hotel.
  6.  It was decided that the 2008 meeting would take place in Hannibal, likely at the Hannibal Inn. John Schleppenbach was nominated to serve as Vice-President.
  7. Jim Vandergriff and Donna Jurich were asked to serve as General Editors of the Missouri Folklore Society journal.  The board approved this decision. How long they might serve in this role will be clarified in the society by-laws.
  8. Adam Davis is still maintaining the society website and getting thousands of visits.
  9. Jim Vandergriff says he now needs book reviews for upcoming journals.  The three volume Greenwood Encyclopedia of African American Folklore by Anand Prahlad needs to be reviewed
  10. Donna Jurich thanked the MFS members for sending in news for the newsletter, and she especially thanked Becky Schroeder for all her invaluable contributions. She said the MFS e-mail update list was done, but she needs to keep this information up to date.
  11.  Cathy Para mentioned that Lyn Wolz urgently requested help on the electronic Belden collection, as she was swamped with too many activities.  She even expressed the desire that someone else consider taking on this project .
  12. The book on Missouri foodways,  Missouri Eats: A World of Tradition, by Madeline Matson, is now at the University of Missouri Press.  One more article is needed, but the book is near completion.  The book is one of the projects suggested for the centenary of the founding of the society.
  13. Dave Para mentioned the thorny issue of using published articles in the MFS journals for classroom use, something Rachel Gholson has requested for her college folklore studies. It was decided that in the future, it will be said in our journals that the MFS retains all rights to the articles, so that the rights will then be ours and the MFS need only give permission to have any article used in such a way.
  14. The need for an up-to-date MFS directory for all members was discussed.  Sharon Brock said that the last listing was distributed in 2002, so it is time for a new one. Dave Para said he had an updated directory that he could get copies made and have the copies for members to pick up in the book room during the meeting.
  15. Cathy Para announced that Dolf and Becky Schroeder donated $1000 to the Schroeder Endowment Fund.  The board discussed and approved taking $5000 out of the Supersaver CD and using this toward the Schroeder fund, with the society matching $5000 in donations from society members and others. This way it was felt the goal could be met in a short time, thanks to the donations already received.  Once the goal is met, a scholarship committee will be formed to discuss the particulars of this fund.
  16. Sharon Brock announced that the National History Day in Missouri event in April was a success, with the best showing of students in many years, including two students from Hollister who won the National History Day championship and 12 students placing in the national competition.
  17.  Betsy Delmonico was suggested as a replacement for Roger Jungmeyer as chairperson of the student paper contest. Elaine Lawless suggested Mary Barile and Susan Flader might be interested in serving as judges for this contest.
  18. Discussion was postponed as regards the MFS Constitution and By-Laws because Liz Faries was not present to talk about it. The issue was tabled until the March 2007 board meeting.
  19. Officers (Roger Jungmeyer – President; Roger Schleppenbach – Vice-President; Cathy Barton Para – Secretary; Dave Para – Treasurer; Corresponding Secretary – Donna Jurich; Archivist – Becky Schroeder) were nominated as well as the present standing board members, to be voted on in the general meeting on November 4.
  20. Meeting adjourned.






November 4, 2006

Ellis Auditorium

University of Missouri—Columbia

Columbia, Missouri



  1. The meeting was called to order at 8:30 am..
  2.  Treasurer Dave Para announced that this year’s auction, poster sales and donations raised approximately $1500.
  3. The society approved the board’s recommendation that $5,000 be taken from our SuperSaver CD to be used for the Schroeder Endowment Fund, with $5000 in matching funds coming from donations from society members and others.
  4. Elaine Lawless suggested the auction money be used for the Schroeder Endowment Fund, depending in part on how much the annual meeting cost the society. No vote taken on this.
  5. Suggestions were made that a sub-committee be formed regarding the Schroeder Fund, to generate publicity about the scholarship and to establish firm criteria for student eligibility. This will be decided on at the winter board meeting.
  6. Betsy Delmonico was named chairperson of the student research paper contest for Missouri History Day.
  7. Elaine Lawless expressed gratitude for the ten graduate students who provided much assistance and acknowledged that the University of Missouri was very happy to receive all of us.  She said she welcomed e-mail comments and suggestions about the meeting. Jim Vandergriff acknowledged Shelley Ingram for her hard work; Cathy Barton Para commended Elaine.
  8. Roger Jungmeyer spoke briefly about the 2007 annual meeting in Jefferson City. He said most sessions would take place at the Truman Hotel, though the board meeting would likely be held on the Lincoln University campus. He said the general meeting will start at 9 a.m. Saturday, as 8 a.m. is too early for most members.  Sharon Brock asked if the society might be able to tour the Lincoln campus; Roger said he would try to arrange that.
  9. The society decided the 2008 meeting would take place in Hannibal, with John Schleppenbach to serve as president during that year.
  10. The upcoming journal edited by Rachel Gholson is nearly completed, as the lengthy 25-year index being compiled by Lyn Wolz has been moved from this journal to a later one.  Lyn assured the society she will have her journal on ballads and songs completed in 2007.  
  11. The society approved drafting a letter in support of “OzarksWatch” magazine, edited by Rachel.
  12. Donna Jurich thanked society members for their help in supplying her with news for the MFS newsletter.  She said she really needs the member input.
  13. Jim Vandergriff said he could use book reviews now.
  14. Lyn Wolz suggested getting someone to take her place in editing the “Electronic Belden Collection”. She urgently needs help compiling current research on the songs.  Elaine Lawless suggested that teachers might use this project as a way to get students involved in folklore.  Norm Cohen was suggested as a scholar who might be able to help with this endeavor.
  15. Judy Domeny Bowen told the society that Clyde Faries is faring better after his stroke, that he is now “annoying the nurses” and so must be improving!
  16. Jim Vandergriff and Adam Davis are currently working on the “Best of Missouri Folklore” journal.
  17. There is still a lot of Don Lance’s materials stored in the English Department. Sharon Brock indicated she would look into this matter
  18. The constitution and by-laws of the Missouri Folklore Society were revised by Liz Faries and printed in the last newsletter.  Because Liz was not present at this year’s meeting due to Clyde’s illness, the issue was tabled until the winter board meeting.
  19. John Schleppenbach was voted in as vice-president, Roger as president.  All other officers remained the same. The society voted to accept the slate of officers and board members.
  20. Judy Domeny Bowen said she hoped future meetings could be held as much as possible in one location to make it easier for society members to get from place to place.
  21. Meeting adjourned.




November 10, 2005

Kansas Room A, University Plaza Hotel

Springfield, Missouri



  1. The meeting was called to order at 4:30 p.m.
  2. The minutes of the January 29, 2005 board meeting was read and approved.
  3. The Treasurer’s report was read and approved.  Dave Para reported on the status of the Schroeder fund.  He will look into a money link account to try to determine a better rate.  He said membership dues income was down from last year. 
  4. President Rachel Gholson welcomed the board to Springfield and spoke about the 2005 annual meeting, mentioning that any last-minute conference room changes were included in the packet of materials given to all registrants.  She expressed concern that there were many technological equipment requests for the annual meeting, and that we need to establish MFS guidelines about such requests for future meetings, that we either pay for it or we ask conference attendees to bring their own.  The board decided that MFS would ask individuals to bring their own needed equipment, and that this would be mentioned on future call-for-papers forms.
  5. Lisa Rathje and Shelly Ingram introduced themselves as representatives for Elaine Lawless who was unable to attend the Springfield meeting.  They spoke enthusiastically about the 2006 MFS meeting to be held on Nov. 1-4 in Columbia, and told the board the theme for 2006 will be “Routes to Roots: Celebrating 100 Years of the Missouri Folklore Society”.  Thirty rooms will be reserved at the newly renovated Columbia Downtowner Motel.  Many activities are already being planned, such as a gala celebration of the Missouri Folk Arts program, a fiddling session, a special event honoring Gladys Coggswell who is donating her papers to Western Historical Manuscripts, tours pertaining to “Blind Boone” and to ghost stories and legends associated with the University of Missouri, and Columbia art galleries crawl.  The Midwest Folklore Retreat is taking place at roughly the same time as our meeting, so it is hoped that we will attract folklorists from this organization, particularly on Wednesday and Thursday.  Since this is a special anniversary meeting, folklorists from all over the country will be invited, including folklorists who used to live in Missouri such as Amy Skillman, Ray Brassieur and Barry Bergey.   
  6. The site for the 2007meeting is still in question.   It was suggested at last year’s board meeting that West Plains be considered as meeting site, with Kathleen Morrisey and Rachel Reynolds as possible hosts for this meeting, but since there were no representatives from this area at the Springfield meeting, Roger Jungmeyer and Antonio Holland suggested Jefferson City as the 2007 site instead.  Jim Vandergriff also suggested the possibility of Hannibal as a 2007 annual meeting site.  This consideration was tabled until the general meeting, but there was a growing consensus that Jefferson City be considered as the 2007 site, with Roger Jungmeyer serving as Vice-President, or with Roger and Antonio Holland serving as co-Vice Presidents.
  7. Board Elections ---1) It was mentioned that Bob Hendrickson no longer wished to serve on the board --- he was taken off the board membership list at his request. 2) Barb Jones, the Director of the Ozarks Institute in Springfield, was suggested as a possible board member and nominated.   The board also nominated Debra Greene from Lincoln University.  Elections will take place at the MFS general meeting.
  8. Committee Reports


A.       The Newsletter --- Donna Jurich is working on an updated mailing list, an ongoing process as our MFS member addresses, both snail-mail and e-mail, are constantly changing. She asked all on the board to sign in on an e-mail mailing list, so she would have current information.  She encouraged all board members to send news to her, including photographs.  She will start working on the next newsletter in January of ’06, but when the first newsletter of the year actually comes out will depend somewhat on the date of the winter board meeting.


B.       The Journal ---- Rachel Gholson is editing the MFS Journal Volume 26 (2004) and she said she hopes to have the journal ready by the end of the school year, or by the summer.  The theme of Volume 27 (2005) will be ballads and songs, according to editor Lyn Wolz. Lyn distributed   papers to the board members asking for contributions for this volume --- she needs reviews and articles.  


C.       The Website--- Rachel Gholson asked the board to consider an on-line archive of MFS papers. 


D.      Book reviews--- Jim Vandergriff once again urgently needs more book reviews.  Peter Nichols strongly stated that society members should be read the books they take, and then write the reviews as promptly as possible.


E.       Special Projects --- A) Electronic Belden Collection --- Lyn Wolz said that she needs any assistance members can provide regarding the on-line H.M. Belden collection, a joint project of the MFS and the University of Missouri.  She needs people who can research the history of the songs, verify sources of written and recorded versions of these songs.  She also needs people who can sing the versions of the songs Belden and his students collected for recordings that will be made available as linked audio files.  B) Recording Projects --- The “Fields of Athenry” CD produced by Clyde Faries continues to sell well; thanks were said to artists such as Judy Domeny Bowen, Clyde Faries and Dave and Cathy Para who sell this CD at most of their concerts.


9.        Miscellaneous --- There was discussion about the date for the winter board meeting, since snow has been a real deterrent to attendance in the past couple of years.  It was decided to hold the meeting on March 4, with March 11 as a snow date.  Cathy Barton Para was going to look into the possibility of holding the meeting at the Walters-Boone Historical Museum in Columbia and notify the board when a site is chosen. 

10.      Meeting adjourned.          





November 12, 2005

Bull Shoals Hospitality Room

Springfield, Missouri


1.        The meeting was called to order at 12:05 p.m.

2.        Debra Green of Lincoln University in Jefferson City and Barb Jones, Director of the Ozarks Institute, were elected to serve on the MFS Board of Directors.

3.        Roger Jungmeyer and Antonio Holland announced that they would be willing to host the 2007 MFS annual meeting in Jefferson City. It was not decided whether they would serve as Co-Vice Presidents or whether one of the two would serve as Vice-President, but this will be determined at the 2006 board meeting.

4.        President Rachel Gholson commented about this year’s meeting, saying it was successful, that there were many local presenters and a significant number of students in attendance. She asked that members let her know about things that were done well, and whether there were problems that need to be addressed in future meetings.

5.        Judy Domeny Bowen announced that the auction was a resounding success, raising  $1,065 for the society.

6.        There was discussion about the Schroeder Endowment, and it was determined that there will be much more information about this fund in the next newsletter, including pictures of the Schroeders. A separate mailing may go about later to all members about this important Endowment.

7.        Liz Faries volunteered to work on revising the MFS by-laws and Constitution.  She said she would bring her revision to the ’06 winter board meeting.  Jim Vandergriff stated that there needed to be clarification of officer’s duties.

8.        Sharon Brock urgently requested MFS annual meeting records for the Western Historical Manuscripts.  She needs the files from past meetings, including all the planning materials, photos, descriptions of panels and papers, financial reports, etc.

9.        Jim Vandergriff said he would work on an MFS members directory for the newsletter. There needs to be a current e-mail list --- too many e-mails are bouncing back to newsletter editor Donna Jurich and to the other officers ---as well as a current snail mail list.  Members need to keep the officers aware of any mailing address changes.

Meeting adjourned.                                                                                                                   





January 29, 2005

Memorial Student Union, Rm. 112N

University of Missouri-Columbia

Columbia, Missouri




Members present:  Lisa Rathje, Carolyn Bening, Howard Marshall, Susan Pentlin, Rebecca Schroeder, Adolf Schroeder, Clyde Faries, Donna Jurich, Jim Vandergriff, Don Holliday, Claude Barton, John Schleppenbach, Linda McCollum, George McCollum, Adam Davis, Dave Para, Cathy Barton Para, Rachel Gholson.  



  1. The meeting was called to order at 10:07 a.m.
  2. The minutes of the Nov. 4 and Nov. 6, 2004 board and general meetings were read and approved.
  3. The Treasurer’s report was read and approved.
  4. President Rachel Gholson and Don Holliday spoke about the 2005 annual meeting to be held November 10-12 in Springfield.  The University Plaza Hotel will be available to members at $79 a room. (Hotel  phone is 417-864-7333.)  Two major tours are being considered, one to Wilson’s Creek Battlefield on the 10th, and one to Branson on Saturday the 12th. A matinee showing at he Baldknobbers Theater may be part of the Branson tour if members are interested, but Rachel and Don need to know who would like to participate in this as soon as possible in order to get a discount on tickets. Cathy Barton Para suggested the Wilson’s Creek tour include a visit to Sweeny’s Museum near the battlefield.  Don Holliday remarked that this would be easy to do since the park itself has recently acquired the museum. Rachel said Judy Domeny Bowen will do the auction as always, and Irvin Rice will chair the music activities.  Several meeting session ideas were brought up: a.) another session by Irvin Rice on songwriting with a different approach.  Cathy Barton Para suggested Irwin focus this time on songwriters using traditional melodies or structures to fashion new songs, as broadside writers used to do.  b) Clyde Faries suggested a session on re-visiting the idea of what it means to be “folk”; c) Liz Faries is interested in a session on new ways beyond geneologies to tell family history, such as using cookbooks, photograph albums and other folklore items; d) Jim Vandergriff suggested Gordon McCann as a possible speaker about Ozark fiddling traditions, and Mona McCann as a speaker about quilting; e) Howard Marshall agreed to do a session on Missouri fiddling. Jim Vandergriff wondered if some kind of memorial to the late Bob Holt could be considered as part of the fiddling sessions; f) Ghost lore and the “Yocum Dollar”; g) Carolyn Bening mentioned one Father Barry of Springfield and his slave narratives; h) Lyn Morrow was mentioned for his extensive Ozarks research; i) a session relating to Ellen Massey and Betty Henderson’s Ozarks Elderhostel experiences. The theme of this year’s meeting will be the image of the hillbilly and the nouveau Ozarker, and Fred Pfister of the “Ozarks Mountaineer” was suggested as a possible speaker.  Rachel Gholson and Don Holliday said all evening activities will take place in the Crystal Room of the famous Kentwood Arms Motel, a Route 66 landmark.
  5. Lisa Rathje introduced herself as a representative working with Elaine Lawless for the 2006 annual meeting in Columbia.  She said the preferred date for 2006 is September 21-23, chosen to avoid conflict with the American Folklore Society meeting and University of Missouri activities.  Howard Marshall urged the society stay with the November date if at all possible; Lisa said she would look into the matter.  Since this meeting will be held in the society’s 100th year, special activities will be planned, including possibly inviting all past MFS presidents.  Lisa mentioned that she and Elaine will work with the Missouri Folk Arts program and give an emphasis to Hispanic and Bosnian traditions, since both immigrant groups are growing in numbers throughout the state.
  6. Cathy Barton Para announced that Val Christensen, who was hoping to host the 2007 meeting in Joplin, had to back out.  That leaves the 2007 meeting in question as to where the meeting will be and who will host it. It was suggested that West Plains be considered as meeting site, with Kathleen Morrisey and Rachel Reynolds as possible hosts for this meeting. Ed McKinney was suggested as another West Plains contact.


                                                                Committee Reports


  1.  The Newsletter --- Donna Jurich reported on the newsletter status with hopes for its printing in mid-February.  Included will be a piece about Gladys Coggswell’s receipt of the 2005 Missouri Arts Awards, as well as an abbreviated version of Lyn Wolz’s 2004 presentation on folklore databases.  Donna said she urgently needed any recollections by MFS members about the Cape Girardeau meeting for inclusion in this newsletter, particularly descriptions of the early morning Mississippi river walk.


  1. The Journal ---- Adam Davis presented a draft of the MFS Journal Volume 25 (2003) and said it was nearly ready to send to the printer.  Volume 26 (2004) editors Rachel Gholson and Don Holliday said their articles have been chosen and hoped for a late-summer publication.  The theme is about Vance Randolph. Lyn Wolz is the editor of Volume 27 (2005). The 2006 journal editors Adam Davis and Jim Vandergriff said this centennial volume will include the best articles that have appeared in the journal over the years.


  1. The Website--- Adam Davis continues to post new links, and he strongly requested members send their calendar events. He spoke of a server migration problem resulting in some broken links, but he reassured the board it is being repaired. He said he hoped to create an archive of papers and presentations that have not been published in the journals. If a member wishes to submit material to the website, Adam said Microsoft Word or any of the common formats will be satisfactory.  He insists he hates PDF files.


  1. Book reviews--- Jim Vandergriff reported that with two journals coming out in 2005, he urgently needs more book reviews.  He said some members like to be told of approaching deadlines to provide motivation, so they should consider themselves “kicked in the pants”.  Almost all the reviews he had accumulated were sent to Adam Davis for inclusion in the upcoming journal.


  1. Special Projects --- A) Electronic Belden Collection --- Adam reported that the electronic H.M. Belden collection has been digitized, and scores set in; Lyn Wolz has the disc now and it is now “in her hands”.  B) Recording Projects --- Clyde Faries asked for ideas for future recording projects.1) He suggested a recording consisting of MFS members doing all Missouri –related songs, or perhaps members choosing one favorite song or tune.2) Cathy Barton Para suggested a recording of MFS storytellers. 3) Dave Para suggested a CD of Child ballads sung by MFS members. 4) Becky Schroeder brought up the idea of re-issuing a well-respected recording by the late Max Hunter and Joan O’Bryant. The board expressed interest in this project. 5) A CD consisting of songs from the H.M. Belden collection was also considered. 6) Another suggestion was a CD collection of songs and tunes recorded at past MFS meetings, but the idea was deemed a bit unrealistic, since few MFS members have the time to sift through huge quantities of tapes.  Clyde said the “Fields of Athenry” continues to sell well, but he hopes to find new venues in which to market the CDs.  He reported getting a positive response from Trout Lodge, and said he has a sheet with information about the CD that he can send to any interested MFS member who wishes to market the disc. C) Questionnaire and Membership List -- Jim Vandergriff  and Donna Jurich said they will work on a membership list and a guide to MFS members’ specific interests to be included in an upcoming newsletter.


  1. Student Research Papers – Roger Jungmeyer was not in attendance, so there was no report.  Jim Vandergriff and Donna Jurich said they would contact him for information to include in the upcoming newsletter.  Adam Davis reported that with this next journal he is currently editing, the society is now caught up with the publication of student papers.


  1. The Schroeder Endowment Fund --- Becky asked that the fund be re-named the “Founders Fund” but her idea was overruled by all the board members. Jim Vandergriff said MFS members can send in money for this fund at any time.


  1. Miscellaneous ---1) Claude Barton suggested that there be a session on Max Hunter at either the Springfield meeting, or some other future meeting.2) Claude Barton also asked  the board and officers to consider holding the winter board meeting at a different date because of the unpredictable weather in January. Several ideas were offered --- that the meeting be held in mid- February, or perhaps early March, and that the meeting date be announced way ahead of time so members can make plans.  Donna Jurich reminded the board that any date change will affect when the newsletter comes out. The suggestion was made that issue of  date change be opened to the MFS membership by putting  an inquiry in the upcoming newsletter and soliciting responses. 3) Another issue raised by the board concerned the location of the winter meeting, since parking at or near the Union is often difficult and costly.  Becky Schroeder mentioned the Boone County Historical Society as a possible future meeting location.  Cathy Barton Para said she would look into this.  Howard Marshall said the Boone County Historical Society members might be willing to waive a building usage fee for MFS members.  4)  Dave Para and Cathy Barton Para gave a Big Muddy Folk Festival report. The Boonville folk festival will be held on April 1-2, and will feature a wide array of ethnic traditions, from Native American dancing to klezmer music to South African drumming to bluegrass. Debbie Bailey and Lisa Higgins will take an active part in the festival, showcasing many of their  Missouri traditional musicians, dancers and crafters during the day on April 2.


  1. Meeting adjourned.     




Missouri Folklore Society
P.O. Box 1757
Columbia MO 65205-1757
Missouri Folklore Society Board Meeting
Jan. 25, 2003
Ellis Auditorium, UMC
 Columbia, Mo.

Members present: Adam Davis, President; Dave and Cathy Barton Para, Evelyn Trickel, Linda and George McCollum, Knox and Nelda McCrory, Claude Barton, James Hickam, Betsy Delmonico, Judy Domeny Bowen, Gordon McCann, Liz and Clyde Faries, Rachel Gholson, Tony Holland, Don and Barbara Stevens, Sharon Brock, Jim Vandergriff; Carolyn Bening, Brett Rogers, Carla Waal Johns, Sam Griffin, Jeanelle Ash, Adolf and Becky Schroeder.

1.   The meeting was called to order at 10:15 a.m.

2.   The minutes of Nov. 7, 2002 meeting were corrected to indicate the board voted to pay for the tour service at the annual meeting at Trout Lodge, rather than the van service.  The minutes of the Nov. 7 board meeting and the Nov. 9 general meeting were approved.

3.   New Business
a. A change in the bylaws to provide for co-presidents was moved by Liz Fairies, seconded by Jim Vandergriff and approved.
b. Because election of officers must be done by the society at a general meeting, Jim Vandergriff moved -- seconded by Sharon Brock -- that the following officers be appointed temporarily until the election at the annual meeting in November: Co-Presidents – Adam Davis and Betsy Delmonico; Vice President – Frank Nickell; Executive Secretary – Cathy Barton Para; Treasurer – Dave Para; Corresponding Secretary – Donna Jurich.  The motion carried unanimously.  A similar motion by Jim and seconded by Adolf Schroeder temporarily appointed those board members from 1999-2002 term to the 2002-2005 term.  These members were nominated Nov. 7, but their election on Nov. 9 was overlooked.

4. Treasurer’s Report – Dave Para presented his first treasurer’s report with some trepidation that the numbers did not add up correctly, and the possibility of incomplete records due to the sudden death of Don Lance in October.  He thanked Adolf and Becky Schroeder for compiling as complete a financial record as possible since that time.  Jim Vandergriff moved the report be accepted, Becky seconded, and the motion passed.

5. Committee Reports
a. Journal, Volume 24, edited by Cathy and Dave Para, is in the works. Cathy and Dave have nine articles and 14 reviews to be included. There may be room to include additional articles, including those by the winners of the Student Research Paper Contest, Kent Lineberry’s “Cadence Calls: Military Folklore in Motion” and Karen Highland’s “84 Soft Tales: Fieldwork and Disillusionment”.  Jim Vandergriff suggested these student papers be put in a separate section of the journal.
Journal, Volume 25, edited by Adam Davis, is undecided as to theme at this point.  He discussed having a miscellaneous collection, a centenary edition or a journal devoted to foodways and narratives with the assistance of Madeline Matson.  It was decided that the annual meeting in 06 might be the occasion to publish a centenary edition of the journal.
        Journal, Volume 26, will be edited by Don Holliday and Rachel Gholson.
b. Newsletter – It was decided that newsletter duties will be divided.  Donna Vandergriff will design the newsletter, and Cathy Barton Para will write it with assistance, at least initially, from Becky Schroeder. Adam Davis brought up an idea discussed in previous meetings about putting the newsletter on the web.  Jim Vandergriff suggested we make an inquiry of all members at the fall meeting whether they wish to get the newsletter via Internet or by regular mail in order to save printing costs.  Clyde Faries reminded the board that many in our society do not have computer access.  No action taken at this time.

c. Student Research Paper Contest – Sharon Brock announced the two winners of the paper contest, Kent Lineberry for his article “Cadence Calls” and Karen Highland for her article “84 Soft Tales”.  It was suggested we suspend the contest for a year in order to solicit more articles.

d. Website -- Adam Davis reported he updates the webpage weekly for upcoming events, and is still getting lots of “hits”.  He is investigating working with Lyn Wolz on an electronic edition of the H.M. Belden Collection to be available online.  He requested members to update their contact information with him, and please submit articles, queries, and calendar information.

e.  Book Reviews --- Jim Vandergriff still has books he needs reviewed if members are interested, and he asked that all members that have had review books for awhile to please get the reviews written!

6. Future Meetings – Adam Davis reported preparations for the Nov. 6-8, 2003 meeting in Kirksville at Truman State University and the Days Inn.  No specific theme has been named, but considerable material on Native American and African American traditions have been proposed.  He is also considering flint-knapping, Irish dance and tours to an Amish farm and a Croatian community.  Cape Girardeau will host the meeting in 2004, Springfield in 2005 and Boonville/Columbia in 2006.

7. Sharon Brock reminded the board that Western Historical Manuscripts cannot store the 25 boxes of the MFS journals indefinitely.  She suggested sending complete sets of the journal to libraries for the cost of the postage. She said she would take an inventory of the journals to determine how many full sets exist, considering the probably fewer numbers of the earliest volumes.  Becky Schroeder suggested the inventory include the 10 boxes of journals she has at her house.

8. Liz Fairies reported on the 2002 meeting at Trout Lodge, grateful for its success despite death and sickness in the family and the loss of a computer printer, and especially grateful for volunteer help in making nametags until 2 a.m.  She displayed a multi–page pictorial about the meeting in the Potosi newspaper and mentioned the NPR interview.  Special thanks also went to Judy Domeny and Sam Griffin.

9.   The meeting adjourned at 12:40.

Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Barton Para, secretary

January 25, 2003
Financial Statement Jan.1 to Dec. 31, 2002

Membership Dues     $2,625.00
Annual Meeting      $1,393.00
Auction       $1,500.00
Donations, Grants     $2,846.00
Sales          $470.60
Interest          $126.33
Refund          $315.15

Journal Printing      $3736.26
Journal Postage
Newsletter Printing     $1368.50
Newsletter Postage       $265.68
Annual Meeting      $5319.10
 YMCA  $1,275.10
 Honorariums $3,329.00 (MCH/MAC funded)
 Honorariums    $400.00
 Miscellaneous    $275.00
 Refunds      $40.00
Awards          $75.00
Supplies       $115.37
Postage        $200.02
Printing        $157.51
Miscellaneous       $267.94

Checking Account Balance 12-31-2001     $4405.20
MoneyLink Account Balance 12-31-2001 $10,960.40
Total Account Balance 12-31-2001  $15,365.60

Checking Account Balance 12-31-2002     $4043.75
MoneyLink Account Balance 12-31-2002 $12,239.73
Total Account Balance 12-31-2002  $16,283.48

Respectfully Submitted
Dave Para

Missouri Folklore Society Board Meeting
Nov. 7, 2002
Trout Lodge, YMCA of the Ozarks
 Potosi, Mo.

Liz Faries and Ellen Gray Massey Co-Presidents; and Adam Davis, Vice President, were present.  A complete attendance list is unavailable.

1.   The meeting was called to order at 4 p.m.

2.   The board observed a moment of silence for Don Lance, led by Fr. Phil Hoebing.

3.   Due to the recent passing of Don Lance, the minutes of Jan. 27, 2002, and the treasurer's report were unavailable.  The minutes are posted at the MFS website and board members were asked to check them there for corrections.  The president reported that a few checks had not yet been received, but she believed the society to be in good shape financially.  Dave Para was named acting secretary to record minutes of the board meetings.

4.   Committee Reports
 a.   Publications Reports
  Journal, Volume 23, edited by Howard Marshall, is out and looks good.
Journal, Volume 24, edited by Cathy and Dave Para, is in the works, though with some trepidation.  Cathy and Dave presented a list of articles and reviews to be included and that they had in their possession.  They had some concern of for the whereabouts of some of the illustrations because some of them were had been given to Don.  Dave has contacted the University Printing Service and inquired about required formats and the folks there assured us they would accommodate us.
Journal, Volume 25, edited by Don Holliday and Rachel Gholson, has some articles in consideration, again with no general theme.

b. Newsletter -- The president expressed thanks to Becky Schroeder and Don Lance for the quality of the September newsletter.  Irwin Rice moved the society authorize a special anthology edition of the MFS Journal in 2006 if it were feasible.  Jim Vandergriff seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

c.    Student Research Paper Contest -- Roger Jungmeyer said approximately four papers had been submitted.  He proposed that Judy Domeny be included as a judge. He said the results of the contest should be ready by the January meeting.

d.   Website -- Adam Davis reported he updates the webpage weekly for upcoming events.  He is developing pages on Halloween, weather lore, proverbial speech, Missouri images and Native American artifacts.  He is investigating working with Lyn Wolz on an electronic edition of the H.M. Belden Collection to be available online.  He requested members to update their contact information with him.

5.   Nominations for Saturday’s Election to the Board of Directors --  Jim Vandergriff moved that those board members serving from 1999 to 2002 be nominated to the 2002-2005 term. Don Stevens also was nominated for that term. Dave Para seconded the motion, and it passed.  Rachel Gholson, Jim Hickam and John Shleppenbach were added to the 2001-2004 term board members.

6.   Future Meetings – Adam Davis reported he has enlisted the help of Betsy Delmonico for the 2003 meeting in Kirksville and he has published his first call for participation.  He said the meeting would have a general theme and reported some session paper proposals.

Possibilities discussed for the meetings in 2004 and 2005 included Joplin/Carthage, Jefferson City and Boonville, but no specific plans were approved.

7.   Report on 2002 meeting – Tour details and other necessary information were reviewed briefly, such as acknowledgment of contributors, the member music concert auction, silent auction, book sales, and Elderhostel participation.  Jim Vandergriff moved the society pay for the van service provided by the YMCA.  Betty Henderson seconded, and the motion passed.

8.   The meeting adjourned in time for dinner.

Missouri Folklore Society Business Meeting
Nov. 9, 2002
Trout Lodge, YMCA of the Ozarks
 Potosi, Mo.
1.   The meeting was called to order at 12:20 p.m.

2.   Old Business – Changes in dues structure proposed January 26 were discussed, specifically the increase in institutional membership and the elimination of the retired membership. and passed.  The structure is as follows: Individual membership $15
  Family membership $25
  Student membership $10
  Institutional membership  $25
  Sustaining membership $50
  Life membership $200

New Business – Sharon Brock reported briefly on the 2002 annual meeting, reporting 148 people attended, and the auction raised $1,500.  An overall success was greatly appreciated.

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Para, acting secretary

Missouri Folklore Society
Executive Committee Meeting
January 26, 2002
Reading Room, Western Historical Manuscript Collection, University of Missouri-Columbia


Co-Presidents: Sharon Brock, Columbia; Liz Faries, Bonne Terre; Ellen Gray Massey, Lebanon; 1st Vice-President, Adam Davis, Kirksville; Secretary & Treasurer, Donald M. Lance, Columbia; Rebecca B. Schroeder, Corresponding Secretary and Archivist, Columbia.

Board Members: Jeanelle Ash, Kimberling City; Claude Barton, Columbia; Don Carlson, Leavenworth KS; Mim Carlson, Leavenworth KS; Gene Edson, Richmond; Clyde Faries, Bonne Terre; Sam Griffin, Columbia; Betty Henderson, Monett; Bob Hendrickson, Stockton; Jim Hickam, Jackson; Phil Hoebing, Quincy IL; Antonio F. Holland, Jefferson City & Columbia; Patrick Huber, Rolla; Carla Waal Johns, Columbia; George McCollum, Sedalia; Linda McCollum, Sedalia; Margot McMillen, Fulton; Cathy Barton Para, Boonville; Dave Para, Boonville; Earl Pepmiller, Columbia; Brett Rogers, Boonville; John Schleppenbach, Quincy IL; Adolf E. Schroeder, Columbia; Virginia Scott, Stockton; Evelyn Trickel, Trenton; Jim Vandergriff, Galesburg IL; Lyn Wolz, Lenexa KS.
Guest: Ron Jones, Lexington.

10:46 a.m. Meeting called to order by Co-President Liz Faries.

1. The Secretary/Treasurer distributed a summary of the November 2001 Board Meeting and Business Meeting, a Treasurer’s Report, and an accounting of the Annual Meeting. Jim Vandergriff moved, Betty Henderson seconded approval of minutes.

2. Treasurer’s reports

a. The total income in 2001 was $7140.24 and expenses $5725.67, for a net of + $1414.57.

b. The accounting of the meeting shows a negative balance of $240.85, but we were accidentally charged taxes by the hotel. These will be refunded — $315.15 — so we will end up with a positive balance of $74.30.

c. The Treasurer pointed out that production and mailing of the two publications of the Society (Missouri Folklore Society Journal and MFS Newsletter) cost about $12.50 per member, so the regular members are subsidizing the retired and student members. At the last Board Meeting, the President asked the officers and Board members to give some consideration to the possibility of amending the dues structure. Since the dues are specified in the Bylaws, changes must be approved by the membership at the next Annual Meeting (November 7-9, 2002) in Potosi.

d. Earl Pepmiller reminded us that we need to get more student members and more institutional memberships. Don Carlson pointed out that most of us joined MFS not as students but in the middle of our working careers. Ginger Scott reiterated Don Carlson’s point. Jim Vandergriff suggested that we set up a fund to support students. John Schleppenbach and Jim Hickam suggested informing school teachers of our organization.

e. The Treasurer announced that, in order to facilitate accounting, he has changed the membership period from the anniversary of the member’s first payment to annual membership following the calendar year. He sent a notice to members along with the Directory of Members.

f. Ellen Massey moved, Dave Para seconded, approval of the Treasurer’s Reports. The motion passed.

3. Motions to amend the dues structure.

a. Ellen Massey moved that we remove the category of membership for retired persons. Cyde Faries seconded the motion. The motion carried.

b. Ginger Scott Hendrickson moved, Sharon Brock seconded, that dues for a family membership be eliminated. The policy is that only one set of publications is sent to the family with a family membership. The motion failed. Gene Edson moved, Evelyn Trickel seconded, that the family membership be increased to $25. The motion passed.

c. Jim Vandergriff moved, Cathy Barton Para seconded, that we raise the institutional membership to $25.00. The majority approved the motion, with one member opposed.

d. The new dues structure to be brought before the membership in November 2002 will be:
 1997 2003

 Individual Membership  $15.00 $15.00
 Family Membership  $20.00 $25.00
 Retired Membership  $10.00 (category eliminated)
 Student Membership $10.00 $10.00
 Institutional membership  $15.00 $25.00
 Sustaining Membership  $50.00 $50.00
 Life Membership  $200.00 $200.00

4. Becky Schroeder discussed deadlines for mailing the Newsletter. No changes were recommended other than possibly mailing out a Call for Presentations in a special mailing. Liz Faries expressed the Society’s appreciation for the excellent
Newsletters that Becky writes.

5. Reports on MFSJ

a. Editor Lance reported that Guest Editor Howard Marshall had passed on seven articles for the 2001 issue, and the Editor has completed the “heavy editing” of two of them.

b. Dave and Cathy Para reported on the 2002 issue of MFSJ. They have received some articles and could use some more. There is no special theme for the issue.

c. Jim Vandergriff, Review Editor, encouraged people to write the reviews that they have promised to do. He has a list of books available, which is also on the MFS web site.

d. The ’03 Journal will be edited by Don Holliday and Rachel Gholson of Southwest Missouri State University, with emphasis on Vance Randolph and the Ozarks. The ’04 issue will be on African American diasporic studies and will be edited by Sw. Anand Prahlad of the University of Missouri-Columbia. And the ’05 will be edited by Adam Davis of Truman State University.

6. Information on the student contests is now posted on the MFS web site. There were no student paper entries at the 2001 meeting in Independence.

7. Report on the MFS Web Site

a. Adam Davis reported that many new items are being added to the web page. Several members have talked of the possibility of an on-line journal with juried items. Some of his students are, with permission from the University of Missouri Press, entering on disk the songs in the H. M. Belden collection.

b. Truman State University has donated a computer to be used for the MFS web site.

c. Adam has put together a data base of the colleges and universities in Missouri and is seeking contact persons on all campuses. He would like the Board to approve his offering a free one-year membership to these contact persons. Margot McMillen seconded. Motion passed.

8. There was some discussion of moving the meeting one day later so that more people might come for Saturday sessions. No motions or actions ensued.

9. Report on 2002 Annual Meeting

a. Co-President Liz Faries discussed plans for the 2002 meeting at Trout Lodge. She proposed that we collaborate with Trout Lodge in adding an Elder Event to our meeting (beginning Wednesday evening). Ellen Massey, Betty Henderson, and Clyde Faries have volunteered to provide programs for the Event. Trout Lodge would charge a fee that would be passed on to MFS. Jim Vandergriff moved, Linda McCollum seconded, the proposal that we cooperate with Trout Lodge in this Elder Event. Ginger Scott Hendrickson moved, Cathy Barton Para seconded, a motion to let Liz and Ellen determine the fee for participants in collaboration with the organizer at Trout Lodge event. Both motions were approved.

b. The theme of the meeting is “A View from the Top: Life along the Old Settlement Trail,” but papers on other topics are welcome. On Friday afternoon we will probably go to Fertile for a program. Ray Brassieur will probably be there. The Parish Workers will arrange for the local children to sing French songs. Ray has recommended that we invite Professor Marcel Beneteau of Sudbury University in Canada to speak on his research on Carrière’s collections of old French lore and music. Becky Schroeder suggested that the Missouri Humanities Council might provide funding through a grant.

c. Cathy and Dave Para have agreed to coordinate the music for the 2002 meeting.

d. Sharon Brock is contacting people about crafts to be displayed at the 2002 meeting.

e. Liz asked people for ideas about a Saturday afternoon tour.

10. Adam Davis reported that he has asked Jan Brunvand to be the main speaker for the 2003 meeting. Truman State University will regard the talk as a University event and will pay the speaker’s expenses.
Adjourned 1:08 p.m.


Missouri Folklore Society
Executive Committee Meeting
November 8, 2001
National Pioneer Trails Center, Independence, Missouri


Members present: Lyn Wolz, President; Liz Faries, Co-First-Vice-President; Ellen Gray Massey, Co-First-Vice-President Adam Davis, Second Vice President; Donald M. Lance, Secretary & Treasurer; Don Carlson, Leavenworth KS; Mim Carlson, Leavenworth KS; Gene Edson, Richmond; Bob Hendrickson, Stockton; Betty Henderson, Monett; Phil Hoebing, Quincy IL; George McCollum, Sedalia; Linda McCollum, Sedalia; Knox McCrory, Columbia; Nelda McCrory, Columbia; Peter Nichols, Stockton; Belia Nichols, Austin TX; Cathy Barton Para, Boonville; Dave Para, Boonville; Clyde Faries, Bonne Terre; Carol Rice, Louisville KY; Irvin Rice, Louisville KY; Brett Rogers, Boonville; Virginia Scott, Stockton; Jim Vandergriff, Galesburg IL; Cecil Williams, Rolla. Guests: Mary Ruth Moon, Farmington; Faye Morris, Farmington; Velma Williams, Rolla.

Meeting called to order, 4:14 p.m.

1. The Secretary/Treasurer distributed copies of the agenda, minutes of the January 27, 2001 Board meeting in Columbia, an interim treasurer’s report, and a list of nominations for Saturday’s election and reminded the members that the minutes had been posted on the MFS web site since March and asked members to notify him of errors in them.

 He pointed out that, exclusive of annual meeting income and expenses, we had income of $5,077.53 and $4,980.19 in expenses as of November 8, 2001, and that the Society’s total cash assets were $14,277.46.

 In the list of expenses, the treasurer separated publication costs and the annual meeting from other expenses and pointed out that the combined costs of printing and mailing the Newsletter and the Journal to each member are more than what we charge for Student and Retired memberships.

 He recommended that, by the January meeting, members of the Board look over the dues structure to determine whether we should make any changes. Changes in dues require amending the bylaws, so we couldn’t make the change until the next Annual Meeting in November 2002.

2. Report on the Missouri Folklore Society Journal

a. Howard Marshall is the Guest Editor for the 2001 Journal and has now delivered all of the articles on disk and all of the illustrations to the General Editor (Lance). The list of articles is printed on the back of the list of nominations of new officers and Board members.

b. The General Editor has asked several individuals to be Guest Editors for future issues of MFSJ — volume 24, 2002 Cathy Barton and Dave Para; volume 25, 2003 Don Holliday and Rachel Gholson; volume 26, 2004, Sw. Anand Prahlad at MU.

3. There are no candidates for the Missouri Folklore Society Student Research Paper Contest this year. Roger Jungmeyer is willing to continue to serving as Chair of the committee for the contest.

4. Adam Davis reported that the web page is getting very good traffic, over 8,000 hits so far, and we’ve been hot-linked from the Smithsonian Institution and the Library of Congress and recently UNESCO. He plans to rearrange the main page so that it will be easier to use. We’re being careful about copyrights. We’ve been doing some publishing online—recently, Irvin Rice’s book on children’s games and Howard Marshall’s book on vernacular architecture in Missouri. We have permission from the University of Missouri Press to bring out an electronic edition of the H. M. Belden Missouri folksong collection.

5. The Secretary distributed a list of nominations for Saturday’s election, provided by Becky Schroeder and Don Lance. For 2001-2004 Board members, the nominating committee proposed that current officers move up to the higher position, that Don Lance continue as Secretary and Treasuruer, and that Lyn Wolz, Patrick Huber, and Rachel Gholson to be added to 15 of the Board members whose terms expire in 2001. The Secretary invited Board members to make additional nominations before the vote on Saturday.

6. Reporting on the MFS Annual Meeting for 2002, Co-First-Vice-Presidents Ellen Massey and Liz Faries passed out information on Trout Lodge, with whom we signed a contract last year. The room fee at Trout Lodge includes meals from Thursday night through Saturday noon. There are a number of options for tours, plus many options at Trout Lodge. Mary Ruth Moon and Faye Morris from Farmington have volunteered to serve as hostesses on the local arrangements committee and attended the Board meeting as guests.

7. Adam Davis reported on preliminary plans for the 2003 meeting in Kirksville. The convention hotel will be the Day’s Inn, formerly a Holidome, and the meeting will take place in the Student Union building at Truman State University, where there will be adequate parking.

8. The Board discussed the possibility of having the 2004 meeting in Springfield, Joplin, or Carthage.

9. The Secretary announced that we have a new brochure and passed out copies. We printed only 500 copies in case we change the dues in the near future.

10. Lyn Wolz reported on the 2001 meeting. Don and Mim Carlson handled ticket sales for the concert. Bob and Ginger Hendrickson applied for the grant from the Missouri Arts Council and made arrangements with the musicians (Craft Family; Aladeen) and did a lot of other things for the meeting. Lisa Higgins, Becky Schroeder, and Don Lance helped them with the grant.

11. Jim Vandergriff announced that he had volunteered to handle the exhibit room and asked for volunteers to help him.

12. Adam Davis and Jim Vandergriff have discussed possible special projects to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Missouri Folk-Lore Society in 2006. One possibility is a larger issue of the Journal with “the best of Missouri folklore” — articles selected from the 25 volumes of MFSJ.

Meeting adjourned at 5:15.

Annual Business Meeting
Holiday Inn Northeast, Kansas City
Saturday, November 10, 2001

1. The Secretary & Treasurer announced that the minutes of the November 2000 meeting of the membership have been posted on the web page since early in the year. He also distributed copies of the interim financial report and made the same comments reported in the summary of the Board meeting (see above). He also announced that the proceeds of the Saturday evening auction were $1,182 [later, $1,192 when another $10 bill was given to him].  He also announced that the total attendance was 115-120, counting the musicians.

2. The Editor of the Journal reported on the status of the 2001 Journal and on the appointment of Guest Editors of the 2002, 2003, and 2004. Adam Davis of Kirksville also agreed to edit the 2005 issue.

3. The Secretary announced that no students offered papers in 2001 for our annual research paper contest. In April Katie Mueller of the Parochial Middle School in Ballwin won the $100 Missouri Folklore Society Prize at National History Day in Missouri in April 2001.

5. In addition to nominees mentioned in the report on the Board meeting, Jim Hickam of Jackson, John Schleppenbach of Quincy IL, and Claude Barton of Columbia were nominated to serve on the MFS Board of Directors for 2002-2004. Clyde Faries moved and Bob Hendrickson seconded that the slate of officers and Board members be elected by acclamation, to which there was a hearty affirmative voice vote.  The Co-Presidents for 2002 are Liz Faries, Ellen Massey, and Sharon Brock (meeting in Potosi) and the First Fice-President is Adam Davis of Kirksville. (See attached list of Officers and Members of the Board of Directors.)

6. Future Meetings

a. Secretary Lance announced that he had talked with Don Holliday and Rachel Gholson about their planning the 2004 Annual Meeting in Southwest Missouri. The audience showed strong support for the meeting to be in Carthage, but no firm decision was made on the venue.

b. Adam Davis gave a preliminary report on the 2002 meeting in Kirksville, and the incoming Co-Presidents reported on the 2003 meeting at Trout Lodge.

7. Lyn Wolz passed the MFS presidential gavel over to the three incoming Co-Presidents and adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted, Donald M. Lance, Secretary, 26 January 2002.


Missouri Folklore Society
Executive Committee Meeting
January 27, 2001
Reading Room, Western Historical Manuscript Collection, Columbia


Members present: Lyn Wolz, President; Sharon Brock, Co-First-Vice-President; Liz Faries,
Co-First-Vice-President; Adam Davis, Second Vice President; Donald M. Lance, Secretary &
Treasurer; Rebecca B. Schroeder, Corresponding Secretary.  Jean Brand, Columbia; Don
Carlson, Leavenworth KS; Mim Carlson, Leavenworth KS; Sam Griffin, Columbia; Bob
Hendrickson, Stockton; Phil Hoebing, Quincy IL; Nelda McCrory, Columbia; Margot McMillen,
Fulton; Cathy Barton Para, Boonville; Dave Para, Boonville; Adolf E. Schroeder, Columbia;
Jeanelle Ash, Kimberling City; Joan Christeson, Auxvasse; Clyde Faries, Terre du Lac;
Carla Waal Johns, Columbia; Roger Jungmeyer, Jefferson City; Leon Keens, Kansas City;
George McCollum, Sedalia; Linda McCollum, Sedalia; Gene Edson, Richmond; Antonio F.
Holland, Columbia; Don Love, Jefferson City; Knox McCrory, Columbia; Brett Rogers,
Boonville; Evelyn Trickell, Trenton; Cecil Williams, Rolla.  Guests: John Schleppenbach,
Quincy IL; Richard Schroeder, Arlington VA; Velma Williams, Rolla.

1. President Wolz called the meeting to order.

2. Moment of silence honoring Ruth Barton, who passed away on January 22, 2001.  Becky
Schroeder extended thanks from Claude Barton for the flowers provided by the Society for
the funeral services.  Cathy Barton Para expressed thanks for all MFS members who attended
the services.

3. Secretary Lance distributed the summary reports of the previous Board Meeting and the
Annual Business Meeting in October in Fulton that were posted on the Society’s web page.
He also distributed a financial report that Nelda McCrory prepared for the last 6 months
of 2000.  The books for the treasurer were passed on to Lance in January.  We have
received a number of checks honoring Ruth’s contributions to the Society for over 20
years.  Lance also distributed copies of the obituaries on Ruth that were published in the
two Columbia newspapers.  He also acknowledged the presence of the three guests.
Fiscally, we are in very good shape; we have over $10,000 in the checking account and over
$4,000 in savings.  We will have to pay for two Journals this year, which will take a good
portion of these funds.  He expressed his thanks to both Ruth Barton and Nelda McCrory for
their service as Co-Treasurers.

4. Becky Schroeder reported that Adam Davis is keeping the Calendar of Events on our web
site, so the Newsletter will no longer have the section on such events. Members should
send news to either Becky (BeckyDolf@cs.com) or Don Lance (LanceDM@missouri.edu),
preferably by e-mail.

5. Lance reported that the French Colonial Historical Society has requested permission to
reprint Ray Brassieur’s article from the 1999 issue of the Missouri Folklore Society
Journal ("Thereby Hangs a Tale. An Old French Story Survives in Brittany and Missouri: An
Unexpected Rendezvous," pp. 1-24) in Le Journal, published by the Center for French
Colonial Studies at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois.  So, "What we do goes
beyond what we do."

6. Roger Jungmeyer reported on the Student Research Paper Contest for 2000.  Judges were
Margot McMillen (Westminster College), Howard Marshall (University of Missouri), and Tony
Holland (Lincoln University).  First-place winner was Karen Highland ($100) for "Hunting
for Raggy-Lug," second was Jesse Pasley ($50) for "Myth in the Martial Arts: An Analysis
of a Unique Oral Subculture in America," and third was Jennifer Creer-Hatala (a sampling
of MFSJ) for "Baby Slings as Praxis in Attachment-Parenting Communities" — all students at
Truman State University in Kirksville.

He also distributed an announcement of the 2001 competition, which will also be placed on
the web page.

7. Margot delivered to Don Lance, General Editor of MFSJ, a report on Volume 22 (2000) of
the Journal. Volume 22 will consist of six articles and some reviews. The articles will
be  Charles Anthony Stewart, "Nails in Missouri: Evidence at the Thomas Hickman House
1819"; Christina Carl, "The Hughes Homestead, Boone County, Missouri"; Tara Christopher
Crane, "Scottish Folk Costume" ; Lisa Higgins, "The Traditional Arts Apprenticeship
Program"; Edgar McKinney, "Uncle Johnny Kaighin, Manx Builder in the Ozarks"; Toni M.
Prawl and Stacy Sone, "The Richterkessing House, St. Charles County"; Becky L. Snider,
"The Round Barn: Functionality, Spiritualism, or Aesthetics?"

[By February 8, Professor Marshall had delivered all the articles in electronic form to
the General Editor, Donald M. Lance, but progress in the production of the issue has been
delayed because Lance had knee-replacement surgery on February 9.  Volume 22 should be
printed some time during the summer,  and volume 23 later in 2001.]

8. Adam Davis reported that the Society’s home page had received 5,105 hits as of January
26, 2001, and has 73 listings on other web sites, about 20 of them being hot links
directly to our page.

He and his students update the MFS web page frequently, especially the Calendar of
Events.  MFS members are encouraged to send him information on relevant upcoming events
and exhibits that they know of.  He has added some new links and frequently receives
interesting photos from members and friends and posts them on a subpage titled "Eye Candy
for Missouriana Enthusiasts."  Several other subpages are being prepared, notably on
vernacular architecture in Missouri.  He also requests information, including photos, for
a subpage on MFS members.

9. Cathy Barton Para reported on progress toward drafting and adopting a new logo for the
Society.  She had designed 3 and passed them around to get feedback.  One has musical
instruments, another has a mule and another has quilt patterns.

10. President Wolz mentioned that it had been suggested that the next issue of MFSJ be
dedicated to Ruth.  There was general agreement.

11. President Wolz announced that the time for the 2001 meeting will be November 8-10 at
the Holiday Inn Northeast, which is across I-435 from Worlds of Fun in Clay County a few
miles north of the Missouri River.  At the October Board Meeting, the Board agreed that
the Society would henceforth have the annual meeting on the first or second weekend of
November.  Since out hotel is near Independence this year, the planning committee decided
that the focus will be on Harry Truman’s home town.  The motel is a little more expensive
than others ($72), but it was the best deal we could find in the Kansas City.  The theme
will be "Independence ? Gathering at the Water Hole," since Independence grew up where it
is because of the presence of a spring with an abundant supply of water.  Sharon Brock
showed photographs (a PowerPoint show) that the Secretary took on December 2 when the
planning committee met at the Holiday Inn.  Judy Domeny is willing to do the auction
again.  Bob Hendrickson and Ginger Scott are working on the idea of doing a concert that
is open to the public on Thursday evening, probably co-sponsored with some of the folk
groups in Kansas City.  They are also applying for a grant.  Sharon Brock showed the quilt
top that she is making for the auction.  Lyn has received some proposals for interesting

10. Sharon Brock did a brief slide show of Trout Lodge, where we will meet November 7-9,
2002.  The room rate includes 3 meals.  All meetings and activities will be on site.  A
possible theme is "The Top of Missouri" because Potosi is located about 8 miles from the
highest point in the state.

11. Adam Davis briefly reported on the 2003 meeting in Kirksville, which will be held
November 6-8.  Possible meeting places are Days Inn and Truman State University.

12. Bob Hendrickson and Ginger Scott are planning to redo the brochure and invited
suggestions from MFS members.

13. John Schleppenbach suggested that we might include in our meetings some kind of
programs in "education and folklore" in cooperation with schools in the area where we
meet.  He attended a session on such programs at the national meeting of the American
Folklore Society.

14. Lyn encouraged members to see what can be done to get broader participation in the
student research paper contest.


Missouri Folklore Society
Executive Committee Meeting
October 19, 2000
Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society, Fulton, Missouri


Members Present: Co-President Howard Marshall, Fulton; Co-President Margot McMillen, Fulton; 1st Vice-President Lyn Wolz, Overland Park KS; Secretary Donald M. Lance, Columbia; Co-Treasurer Ruth Barton, Columbia; Co-Treasurer Nelda McCrory, Columbia. Board Members Jeanelle Ash, Kimberling City; Jerry Ash, Kimberling City; Gene Edson, Richmond; Clyde Faries, Terre du Lac; Liz Faries, Terre du Lac; Betty Henderson, Monett; Phil Hoebing, Quincy IL; Roger Jungmeyer, Jefferson City; Ellen Gray Massey, Lebanon; George McCollum, Sedalia; Linda McCollum, Sedalia; Knox McCrory, Columbia; Belia Nichols, Stockton; Peter Nichols, Stockton; Cathy Barton Para, Boonville; Dave Para, Boonville; Carol Rice, Louisville KY; Irvin Rice, Louisville KY; Brett Rogers, Boonville; Rebecca B. Schroeder, Columbia; Jim Vandergriff, Galesburg IL.

4:03 p.m., Meeting called to order by Co-President Marshall

1. The Secretary distributed minutes from the February 5, 2000 Board Meeting.  The minutes included the paragraph published in the March Newsletter and the summary that was published on the MFS Web Page.  No corrections were suggested.  Minutes were accepted (moved by Jim Vandergriff; 2nd by Belia Nichols).

2. Ruth Barton distributed a balance report for the Society as of July 1, 1999 and announced that she was resigning as Treasurer of the Society (after 20 years of service in the office).  The balance in the checking account at the end of the fiscal year was $7125.43 and in the savings account was $4123.39, for a total of $11,248.82.  The report accepted (moved by Gene Edson; 2nd by Roger Jungmeyer)

3. Clyde Faries reported that no one has yet stepped forward to chair the Society’s Concert Committee of the Society.

4. Howard Marshall reported that he has in hand all the articles for the next issue of the Missouri Folklore Society Journal and has an assistant editor, Carrie Watson.  No specific time line has been set.  He has 12 articles on hand.  He has also agreed to edit the 2001 issue, which will have articles on material culture and perhaps some on music.  We are now looking for a member to edit the 2002 issue.

5. Adam Davis reported on the MFS Web Page.  The page has been revised to take less time to load.  A link to the Missouri Archaeological website has been added.  He gets occasional comments like “Gee whiz, looks nice,” and as of that morning we have had nearly 4200 visits.  He has received a comment that ours is one of the better ones by state folklore groups.  He has issued an invitation to members to submit information on themselves, with e-mail and snail addresses, folklore interests, photographs, whether you give presentations, etc.  We now put our web address at the top of our Newsletter.

6. Roger Jungmeyer reported that 5 students will be presenting at this meeting and may compete in the MFS Student Research Paper Contest.  There was some discussion of placing information about the contest on the MFS Home Page.  Students who present papers at the annual meeting are given several weeks to revise and polish the paper after having an opportunity to receive feedback from their presentations.  The deadline this year for submission of the final draft of the papers will be December 1, 2000.

Co-President Margot McMillen chaired the remainder of the meeting.

7. Secretary Lance provided nominations of officers for 2000-2001 and Board members for 2000-2003.  Additional nominations could be made before the election at the business meeting on Saturday.  In a discussion of the change of treasurer, it was pointed out that Becky Schroeder has been serving as Corresponding Secretary even though our constitution does not provide for such a position, thereby sharing some of the secretarial duties.

8. In a discussion of the future of the MFS Newsletter, Becky Schroeder suggested the possibility of putting the Newsletter on the Web Page.  Only 3 of the 26 members present do not have a computer and e-mail at home, but many who are not on the Board do not have them.  Several members expressed reluctance to deny access to the Newsletter to members who do not have computers.  The critical point is that somebody has to write the copy.  Lance commented that some organizations send their newsletter to members by e-mail rather than posting it on the organization’s home page.
 Jim Vandergriff moved (2nd by Roger Jungmeyer) that a committee be appointed to discuss how the Newsletter might be handled more efficiently in he future and present their ideas on Saturday at the business meeting.  The motion passed.  Margot appointed Jim Vandergriff, Becky Schroeder, Adam Davis, and Lyn Wolz to the committee.
 Secretary Lance moved that a subpage be placed on our website for meetings and events and that members of the Society sent appropriate information to Adam Davis.  Second by Jim Vandergriff.   The motion passed.

9. Peter Nichols proposed that MFS set a specific date for the meeting each year.  During the discussion about the date of the meeting at Trout Lodge, a consensus developed that MFS should henceforth hold annual meetings the first weekend in November each year.

10. Lyn Wolz reported that the 2001 meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn Northeast, right across the freeway from Worlds of Fun.  Bob & Ginger Hendrickson, Don & Mim Carlson, Dave & Cathy Barton and “a few other folks” are serving on the planning committee.  The committee hasn’t settled on a theme, but Kansas City Jazz will probably be part of it.  The meeting is scheduled for September 27-29.
 [Because the Board decided to set the first weekend of November as the time for our annual meetings, Lyn contacted the Holiday Inn about the possibility of changing the dates to November.  They agreed to the change, so the 2001 meeting will be November 8-10.]

11. Liz Faries distributed information on Trout Lodge, the YMCA of the Ozarks.  Liz, Sharon Brock, and Ellen Massey have served as an organizing committee.  They have tentatively set October 24-26 and the date for the meeting.  Howard Marshall suggested that we meet on the second weekend of November).  [On November 1, the co-presidents met at Trout Lodge and were able to change the time of the meeting to November 7-9, 2002.]

12. Adam Davis has secured approval to host the meeting in 2003 and has talked with people who are interested in serving on the planning committee.  Marshall suggested November 6-8, 2003 as the date for the meeting.

13. Miscellaneous announcements.

a. Phil Hoebing reported that a successful storytelling conference was held in Quincy the last weekend of September, organized by Fr. Hoebing, Gladys Coggswell, and Paul Schwarzkopf, who is a Lutheran pastor in Quincy and a storyteller.  They plan to have one each fall.

b. Peter Nichols reported that Stockton has music programs the first Saturday of each month, beginning in November and going until April. They’ve had as many as 150 people.

c. Betty Henderson announced that the monthly music programs in Monett started the week before the MFS meeting.  It’s called the McDowell Jewel Jubilee and is held the first Saturday night from October through May.  Stockton modeled their program on Monett’s.

d. Margot announced that Renner’s Market has a fried chicken buffet.

5:28 p.m.  The meeting adjourned, and members went to Renner’s for dinner.

Respectfully submitted, Donald M. Lance, Secretary — November 18, 2000


Missouri Folklore Society
Annual Business Meeting
Saturday, October 21, 2000
Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri


The meeting was called to order at 11:49 a.m.

1. The Secretary announced that the minutes of the last meeting were published in the MFS Newsletter and asked for corrections.  He also reported that the next Directory of Members would be distributed some time durint the winter 2000-01.

2. Ruth Barton, outgoing Co-Treasurer, reported that the balance in the checking account at the end of the fiscal year was $7125.43 and in the savings account was $4123.39, for a total of $11,248.82.  Outgoing Co-Treasurer Nelda McCrory reported that income from the Friday evening auction was $945 and invited a member to donate $55 to bring the total up to $1000.  [Later, an anonymous member made that donation.]

3. Co-Presidents Howard Marshall and Margot McMillen reported on actions taken by the officers and Board of Directors in the meeting of the Executive Committee on Thursday afternoon:

a. Roger Jungmeyer, Chair of the MFS Annual Student Research Paper Contest, has set December 1 as the deadline by which students must submit manuscripts for the 2000 contest.

b. Lyn Wolz reported that the committee to consider the future of the Newsletter were unable to get together for a full committee meeting at the annual conference but will continue to discuss the matter electronically.

c. Henceforth the Calendar of Events will be posted on the MFS Home Page on the Web rather than in the Newsletter, so members are encouraged to submit information to Adam Davis, (unpaid) Manager of the MFS website (adavis@truman.edu).

d. The dates of MFS annual meetings after 2001 will be the first weekend of November.  [A couple of weeks after the annual meeting, President Wolz announced to the planning committee that the Holiday Inn Northeast in Kansas City had agreed to changing the time of the 2001 meeting from the last week of September to the first week of November.]

4. Secretary Lance reported on the slate of nominees for MFS Officers for 2000-2001 and members of the Board of Directors for 2000-2003.  Clyde Faries moved that the slate as reported be elected by acclamation.  Adam Davis seconded the motion, and it passed with no negative votes.  [Lisa Higgins, Columbia, Director of the Folk Arts Program, later declined the invitation to serve on the Board because of possible conflicts of interest arising when both MFS and the Folk Arts Program apply for grants from the Missouri Arts Council.] (The list of officers and Board members will be attached to these minutes and posted on the “Officers” subpage of the MFS Home Page.)

Respectfully submitted,
Donald M. Lance, Secretary
November 18, 2000


Missouri Folklore Society

Executive Committee Meeting

February 5, 2000

Library, Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri


Members present: Margot McMillen & Howard Marshall (Fulton; Co-Presidents), Donald M.
Lance (Columbia; Secretary), Ruth Barton & Nelda McCrory (Columbia; Co-Treasurers),
Rebecca B. Schroeder (Columbia; Archivist). Sharon Brock (Columbia), Joan Christeson
(Auxvasse), Adam Davis (Kirksville), Clyde Faries (Terre du Lac), Liz Faries (Terre du
Lac), Bob Hendrickson (Stockton), Phil Hoebing (Quincy IL), Roger Jungmeyer (Jefferson
City) , Tony Holland (Columbia & Jefferson City), Knox McCrory (Columbia), Cathy Barton
Para (Boonville), Dave Para (Boonville), Brett Rogers (Boonville), Adolf E. Schroeder
(Columbia), Jim Vandergriff (Galesburg IL), Hester Wise (Rolla).

Meeting called to order 10:19 a.m. The Co-Presidents sported eye glasses that spelled out
2000 in honor of the new year.

Old Business (Co-President Howard W. Marshall presiding)

1. The Secretary distributed Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting in Sikeston on
October 28, 1999; detailed Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting in Columbia on
January 30, 1999, that had been posted on the Society’s web page; and the shorter version
of the latter. Becky Schroeder corrected a typo in #2 on the short version of the January
30 minutes: the first-place prize in the MFS Student Research Paper Contest is $100 rather
than $500. A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes as corrected, and the
motion passed by voice vote.

2. Ruth Barton gave an oral report for the Co-Treasurers. We have $7734 in our checking
account and $4042 in our savings account. The auction sales in Sikeston brought in $963.10
and the book sale $51. A motion was made and seconded to accept the report, and the motion
passed by voice vote.

3. The Editor of the Journal (Lance) announced that we had mailed out the 1999 issue and
are now up to date. He and Howard Marshall have agreed that the latter will edit the next
two issues. The next issue (2000) will be about material culture and the 2001 issue may
include articles on fiddling as well as material culture.

4. Becky Schroeder encouraged Board members to submit news for the Newsletter. She and Don
Lance plan to prepare the next one around the third week of March. Jim Vandergriff
mentioned that he has a list of books available for review. [The list was distributed in
the February mailing of the Directory of Members.]

5. Clyde Faries again asked for someone else to volunteer to be Chair of the Concert

6. Adam Davis reported that he has streamlined the MFS web page so that it doesn’t take so
long to load. He asked members to send the addresses of other sites for which we should
provide links, as well as other appropriate information, including appropriate
photographs. We have links to the personal pages of MFS members and to presses that
publish books on folklore. We are "scrupulously observing copyrights" in our subpages
honoring Vance Randolph and Max Hunter.

7. The Secretary, alluding to an earlier suggestion regarding an MFS seal for the web
page, suggested that Cathy Barton Para might design one. President Marshall appointed
Cathy to work on a seal.

8. Announcements

a. Liz Faries brought a copy of an article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch featuring Ann

b. Jim Vandergriff announced that David Rice, one of the remaining old-time balladeers in
Springfield died last week.

c. The Secretary announced that the reason why the Gene Edson, the McCollums, and Evelyn
Trickel were not at the meeting was that Robert Trickel died and his memorial service was
scheduled for the same time as our meeting.

d. The Tamony Lecture at the University will be on April 21, Good Friday, in Ellis
Auditorium. The title of the lecture this year is "Everything you ever wanted to know
about the word ‘Missouri’ — and a lot more."

(end of side 1)

e. Sharon Brock, MFS Board Member, is the archivist at the Western Historical Manuscript
Collection at the University of Missouri-Columbia who is responsible for the MFS Archives.
She invited MFS members to contribute to the archives. She also urged members to label
and date old photographs.

f. Bob Hendrickson announced that Peter Nichols has organized successful monthly concerts
in Stockton since we met there in 1997.

g. Howard Marshall announced that there will be a concert, organized by Margot McMillen
and Pippa Letsky, each Saturday at 7:30 in February in the KOPN studios in Columbia the
evening after the meeting. Dave and Cathy and Kenny Applebee. The first program is titled
"A Tribute to Missouri Fiddlers of Former Times," with emphasis on Central Missouri
fiddlers. The next week’s program was to be about Middle Eastern belly dancers. The third
Saturday it is "Smiley the Clown," a kids’ program, and the fourth program was to be
classical music, a string quartet, University based, called "Heartstrings." The series
was a fundraiser, charging $7 admission.

h. Marshall also announced that every Wednesday at 7 p.m. night he and Margot do a program
on KOPN called "Farm and Fiddle." Half of it is rural issues, and the other half is
traditional music of Central Missouri.

i. Dave Para announced that the Big Muddy Festival is April 7-8 in Boonville.

j. Marshall announced that those who wanted to go were invited to go to Renner’s Market in
downtown Fulton for lunch and possibly a jam session after the Board meeting.

k. Liz Faries passed on information that Judy Domeny has produced an audiotape with the
title "Teacher Therapy," consisting of her songs about teaching, and solicits ideas on
where she might make it available, such as teachers’ supply retail stores.

New Business (Co-President Margot F. McMillen presiding)

9. Liz Faries brought information on the facilities at Trout Lodge near Potosi, Missouri,
where we will hold our annual meeting in 2002. The committee proposing Trout Lodge
consists of Liz Faries, Ellen Massey, and Ray Brassieur. The room rate currently is $71
per night and includes meals. Sharon Brock expressed an interest in serving as
co-president with Liz and Ellen.

10. Howard Marshall asked Adam Davis whether he would be willing to be President in 2003
to host the annual meeting at Truman State University in Kirksville. Adam agreed.

11. Margot McMillen read an e-mail from Lyn Wolz, First-Vice-President, who was unable to
attend the meeting. She has not yet located a suitable location in Kansas City for our
2001 meeting. She solicited suggestions and assistance in planning the meeting.

12. Margot and Howard discussed some of the options for the 2000 annual meeting at
Westminster College in Fulton. The dates will be October 19-21. A block of rooms has been
reserved at the Amerihost Hotel. The logo for the meeting will be the image of the Janus
coin, symbolizing "looking ahead and back at the same time."

(End of side 2)
(Tape 2, Side 1)

13. Roger Jungmeyer announced that we did not have student presentations at the 1999
meeting and suggested ways in which members might encourage more student participation.
Bob Hendrickson and Roger Jungmeyer agreed to serve as the Student Research Paper Contest
Committee for 2000.

Adjourned 11:40.


Missouri Folklore Society
Executive Committee Meeting
October 28, 1999
Ramada Inn, Sikeston, Missouri


Members present: Clyde Faries (Co-President), Liz Faries (Co-President), Margot McMillen
(Co First-Vice-President), Howard Marshall (Co-First Vice-President), Lyn Wolz (2nd
Vice-President), Donald M. Lance (Secretary), Ruth Barton (Co-Treasurer), Nelda McCrory
(Co-Treasurer), Rebecca B. Schroeder (Archivist, Newsletter Editor). Gladys Coggswell
(Frankford), Gene Edson (Richmond), Betty Henderson (Monett), Gordon McCann (Springfield),
Knox McCrory (Columbia), Earl Pepmiller (Columbia), Ray Brassieur (New Orleans), Jeanelle
Duzenberry (Point Lookout), Linda McCollum (Sedalia), George McCollum (Sedalia), Virginia
Scott (Stockton), Truman Coggswell (Frankford), Sam Griffin (Columbia), Bob Hendrickson
(Stockton), Phil Hoebing (Quincy), Ellen Massey (Lebanon), Belia Nichols (Stockton), Peter
Nichols (Stockton), Dave Para (Boonville), Cathy Barton (Boonville), Carol Rice
(Louisville), Irvin Rice (Louisville), Cecil Williams (Rolla). Guests: Clell Couchman
(Centerville IA), Lula Couchman (Centerville IA), Ken Hawkinson (Macomb IL), Wilma
Pepmiller (Columbia), Velma Ruth Williams (Rolla).

Meeting called to order at 4:08 p.m.

1. Clyde Faries announced the train ride in Jackson MO (murder mystery play) scheduled to
be one of the optional events of the annual meeting had to be canceled because of a
conflict set up by the train personnel.

2. The Secretary distributed the minutes of the January 1999 Board Meeting and commented
that they were different from the summary report posted on the MFS Web Page. No
corrections were suggested.

3. Ruth Barton presented the Treasurers’ Report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1999,
showing that the Society has $16,081.31 in the bank and that income is staying ahead of

4. Don Lance, Editor of the Journal and production editor of the Newsletter, passed around
the Table of Contents of Volume 21 (1999) of the Journal that was at the printer and
announced that this issue will bring the Society up to date in its publication schedule.

5. Clyde Faries, Chair of the Concert Committee, announced that on September 19, 1999,
members of the Society presented a concert at the Cotton Festival in Sikeston.
Participants were Clyde Faries, Cecil Williams, Irvin Rice, and Jim Hickam (with the trio
of musicians of which he is a member).

6. Don Lance, Secretary, read a draft of a certificate extending Honorary Membership to
Pete Boyer of Potosi in recognition of his many activities since the 1960s that have
documented and celebrated over 300 years of continued presence of French cultural
traditions in the Old Mines area and moved that the award be approved. Peter Nichols
seconded, and the proposal passed with a rousing voice vote.

7. The Secretary reported that Roger Jungmeyer was unable to attend the meeting but has
informed the Secretary that he would be willing to continue as Chair of the Student
Research Paper Contest. No students were on the program for the 1999 meeting in Sikeston,
indicating a need for members who teach courses with folkloric content to encourage their
students to participate in the contest.

8. The Secretary distributed a report on the MFS Web Page, with printouts of the images
that first come up when one logs on and a listing of information about the Society and
links to other sites that are included as sub-pages on the web site.

9. Clyde Faries repeated that he would like to turn the Concert Committee over to someone
else. Board members McCann and Marshall nominated each other, both declined. As there
were no seconds, no action was taken. Faries reported that the activity has not brought in
much money.

10. The Secretary distributed a list of nominations for officers for 1999-2000 and Board
members for 1999-2002 that would be made at the business meeting on Saturday and invited
Board members and Officers to make additional nominations.

11. Peter Nichols distributed a letter from the Missouri Prairie Foundation asking to
borrow our mailing list to inform our members of their goals and activities, since our
interests overlap. Margot McMillen reminded the members that similar requests had been
declined in the past, and Nelda McCrory reminded the members that our Directory states
that we will not sell it to anyone and will not give it to anyone who is not a member of
the Society. Howard Marshall suggested that we could include a notice in a mailing of the
Newsletter if the Foundation provides us with appropriate information.

12. Margot McMillen gave a brief report on the data (October 19-21, 2000) and facilities
at Westminster College in Fulton for next year’s annual meeting. She pointed out that 2000
is the 150th anniversary of the founding of Westminster College and the State Hospital and
School for the Deaf in Fulton, and that the city is regarding our meeting as part of their
general celebration.

13. Lyn Wolz made a brief report on her as-yet-unsuccessful attempts to find a hotel or
other location that is fully suitable and affordable for our 2001 annual meeting in Kansas
City and asked to volunteers to serve on the planning committee. She reported that the
American Folklore Society will meet on October 17-21, 2001, in Anchorage AK, and that we
meet the weekend before or after AFS. The Secretary pointed out that this timing is not a
policy of the Society, but that is how the dates have worked out in recent years in spite
of requests by some members not to have the two meetings on successive weekends.

14. Liz Faries reported that she and Ellen Massey had looked into the possibility of
having our 2002 meeting at Trout Lodge near Potosi. The current cost for lodging and all
meals at the Lodge is $74 per day. Several members expressed some interest, and Liz
promised to bring more information to the January 2000 Board Meeting. Dave Para pointed
out that Henry Schoolcraft began his tour of the Ozarks from that site.

15. Gordon McCann reported that Charles Wolfe at Middle Tennessee State University in
Murfreesboro is interested in having Folklore Societies in several states combine efforts
to have a Mid South Folklore Meeting once a year. McCann was asked to bring more
information to the next Board meeting.

16. Clyde Faries announced that the cotton-picking contest on Friday afternoon would be
held as a couples event because there weren’t enough sacks for all of us. He also pointed
out that it is the only such contest held in the country, so the winners will be "national

Minutes of Business Meeting of the Society, Saturday, October 30, 1999

The meeting was very brief.

1. The Treasurer's reported that the proceeds from the auction the previous evening were

2. The Secretary read the names of the nominees for the election of officers for 1999-2000
and Board members for 1999-2002. Jim Vandergriff moved that the slate be elected by
acclamation. An unidentified person seconded, and the slate was elected by voice vote.
(The new officers and Board members were distributed in the notice of the January 29, 2000
meeting of the Executive Committee.)

Respectfully submitted, 1-29-00

Donald M. Lance, Secretary

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