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General Guidelines for Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships:


The Foundation provides two $125 scholarships, one for an undergraduate and one for a graduate student.The applicant must be a student at a college or university in Missouri or have a mentor who is a member of the Missouri Folklore Society.S/he must have a demonstrated interest in doing folklore or folklife research which impacts this state.The interest may be as traditionally Missourian as Ozark fiddles, or as freshly Missourian as Hindu icons in Kansas City.The impact may be as narrow as that of a La Llorona legend on Boone Countyís Hispanic students or as global as internet emoticons.The intent of the scholarship is to honor Dolf and Becky Schroeder for their extraordinary leadership and deep humanity; their commitment to the MFS and to folklore studies should serve as a model for Schroeder Foundation Scholars.


The student, whether undergraduate or graduate, must demonstrate progress on a suitable project, and the project must include a field research component.Though this research need not be conducted within the state, its interest to Missouri folklorists must be easily deducible.If the student and mentor recognize a projectís folklore dimensions, the project itself may be done in some other discipline; it may satisfy requirements in a music, education, history, womenís studies or industrial arts class, for example, or function as a capstone in an interdisciplinary studies program.




The student must submit:


(1)   a resume, including date of planned graduation and degree expected;

(2)   in the case of work not yet completed: a two or three page description of the project thus far completed together with an indication of the current stage of the work*; and expected date of completion of the project.

(3)   a brief note of support from a mentor;

(4)   a signed note recognizing the responsibility of the scholarship winner to present the results of the work at a Missouri Folklore Society Conference in either the current or following year.


*If the work has been completed, the applicant should append a copy of the resulting paper or powerpoint, etc.



Deadline for applications is one week prior to the annual meeting of the Society (the deadline is waived for 2019; however, students intending to submit should notify the contact person [below] via email before the end of the meeting)


Awards will be announced at the Missouri Folklore Society Conference in November.


Electronic submissions to adavis@truman.edu  re especially appreciated. Snailmail is also acceptable:


Adam Brooke Davis

Dept of English & Linguistics

Truman State University

Kirksville MO



Please use the subject or attn lines to identify the mailing as a submission to the DOLF & BECKY SCHROEDER COMPETITION




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