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Sent: Sunday, May 16, 2010 2:51 PM
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Subject: New CD by Cathy Barton and Dave Para


      Cathy Barton and Dave Para are pleased to announce the release of their 14th album, “Sweet Journeys” on their own Roustabout Record label. Visit to hear samples or download an order form.


       The album features quite a crop of fiddlers, including the late Graham Townsend, a legend in the Canadian fiddle tradition whom Cathy and Dave met at the Grand Masters fiddle contest in Nashville. The trio did a session in 1990 after the contest.  David Wilson also brought his fiddle and mandolin up from Springfield playing on the title tune and multi-tracking the violin for beautiful textures, and Paul Grace added the old-time sound to a cut as well.


            Nine of the 15 cuts on the album are traditional or public domain, including Ozark versions of the widely collected English broadside, “The Diver Boy,” and the “The Girl I Left Behind Me,” which is an intriguingly vague song from the Civil War. Fiddle tunes include the Canadian fiddle standard from Scotland “Big John McNeil,” as well as “Chinita,” from Trinidad. We also include one of the 19th Century sources for “Aloha Oe,” called “The Rock Beside the Sea,” which Dave plays in a Hawaiian slack key tuning. The original pieces include the title waltz by northeast fiddler George Wilson, a song about the Belle of Louisville steamboat by Sam Stone, one of our late mentor Bob Dyer’s classics, Cathy’s tribute song to Bob, “Songteller,” and from two Missouri singers about Ozark life, Dyarl Lewis’ “Pap and Jenny,” and Judy Domeny’s song about an estate auction for a friend, “Hazel’s Auction.”


            Instrumentation on the album is a rich variety of sounds and textures ranging from the simple duet of guitar and Autoharp to close to a bluegrass band sound with fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitar, bass and trio vocals. We have always preferred to make the most of a recording session by adding as many instruments and voices we feel enhance the desired arrangement. In addition to the high-quality fiddling, we’re graced with top-tier bass playing by Kevin Hennessy, our fellow Gumbo-head, engineer Pete Szkolka on piano and diverse percussion by Columbian Rich Oberto, including drums, tambourine and water glasses. As duet singers for more than 30 years, we enjoy the occasional three-part harmony sound, and we’re ably joined by Brenda Hanson of Columbia and David’s wife, Linda Wilson.


            Several of our previous albums have focused on specific themes, such as the rivers of America, the Civil War, Lewis and Clark, a Christmas album, a gospel album, and the Carter Family. Every now and then we like to return to a mostly duet collection of personal favorites. Sometimes you have to journey long to find a song; sometimes it’s the song that takes you on the journey.






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