Old Mines Album:

 Tiff Miners of Northern Washington County Missouri

(les mineurs du tuf)

(submitted by Kent Beaulne dit Bone)


This photo which copied from an original owned by Francis Boyer of DeSoto in 1980.

It shows a group of tiff miners taking a break from their labors.  This is clearly a staged photo. The more one looks at it, the more mischief one can see.  Ils sont canaille. This photo is unusual in that there are 35 men collect together at one time for this event. She believed it was taken between 1890 and 1900. It could have been taken anywhere from Richwoods to Blackwell.

Paul Israel Boyer (left) Gus Zamon Portell (right)  Copied from an original of Eli Phonso Robart.

Pile of tiff behind Paul. Rattlebox for cleaning tiff behind handle of the windlass. Le rouleau was used to pull the wooden tub full of du tuf from the shaft under the windless. A century earlier, a two handled windless was used for hauling up the much heavier lead. 

Note the barren landscape in background.


A reproduction windless and rattlebox built by Benny Thebeau at Knights of Columbus, Old Mines. Benny has built another set on display on the yard of the County Court House, Potosi.



Double pen, dog trott log house built by Whitfield Johnson at Mine a Shiboleth around 1850.  This photo shows the Boyer family in 1910. They were so proud of the Victrola record machine, they brought it outside to be included in the photo.  I am not sure if it was wax cylinders or discs.




A group of miners at the diggins. This is also a staged photo. Note the playing cards.



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